35 Pics That Show the Funniest Photoshop Battles Ever

We can all agree that Photoshop battles are amazing. There’s nothing better than striking gold on an image that you just know could be made hilarious in a plethora of different ways. One of the internet’s most beautiful creations, the Photoshop battle, is the perfect way to waste time. You can waste time creating your masterpiece or, if you have absolutely no Photoshop skills at all, you can simply spend hours looking at winning creations.

The Photoshop battle was born on Reddit, and thousands of photo-altering masters have been pitted against each other ever since. This phenomenon is likely looked down upon by older generations, with the view that Millennials are wasting their potential and falling deeper into a vapid wasteland of memes and gifs. And who knows, they might be right. But until we all collectively realize what a complete and utter waste of time these are, we are going to continue to deem them “creative expression” and other fanciful phrases, just so we can keep looking at them.

So, for those of you who clicked on this link to feast your eyes upon some insanely funny Photoshopping instead of doing whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing, then enjoy the following 35 funniest Photoshop battles ever:

1. Best airline around

2. Hey there, handsome

3. Perfect pear butt

4. Can I bother you for a minute?

5. Making important decisions every day

6. Hugh Jackman will be okay, don’t worry

7. This baby cannot handle the zoom

8. But do we have to?

9. Leo DiCaprio takes his pup out for a stroll and they are equally thrilled about it

10. If Jesus had a dog

11. This bad*ss bird

12. An emotional moment between puppies

13. Hehe stop! It tickles!

14. The Scream: Llama edition

15. Mr. Seal Your Girl

16. The kitty Gotham deserves, but not the kitty Gotham needs

17. The original tiger was out sick the day of the photoshoot

18. A gift from my country to yours, you’re welcome

19. What seems to be the problem, officer?

20. Obama is one smooth criminal

21. When the artist becomes the art itself 

22. Leo DiCaprio is cold 

23. Hey, guys? 

24. Paint me like one of your French monkeys 

25. This man was once our President 

26. These pigeons have seen some stuff 

27. He came in like a wrecking ball 

28. Welcome to the lizard lounge 

29. I want to be as relaxed as this dog 

30. Rough night out 

31. Capybara getting prepped for his next race 

32. Now that’s just cruel

33. For me? You shouldn’t have! 

34. Maestro, Meowstro 

35. Relationship goals

I think it’s safe to say that the creators of these Photoshopped works of art are truly battle-winners. They probably spent way too much time creating these masterpieces, but it clearly all paid off.

There are some common themes among the best ones: they often have either cute animals, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Donald Trump. This comes as no surprise, as those are basically the internet’s three favorite topics in general. If you particularly enjoyed #5, then you’ll probably want to learn more about how Trump putting a lid back on his pen sparked an epic Photoshop battle.

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