33 Tweets About Parenting That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The most magical thing about Twitter, without a doubt, is its ability to allow everyone to share those innermost random thoughts they have during the day. Reading these (often embarrassing or shameful) thoughts makes us feel a little less alone in the world, finding comfort in the fact that there’s somebody else out there who knows exactly how we feel. This may be most comforting for parents, who often have these thoughts while alone with a bunch of three-year-olds, and don’t have any adults to tell them to.

Back in the days of old, parents (especially stay-at-home parents) had to keep all these thoughts and frustrations bottled up inside. This typically lead to an outburst when their spouse arrived home from work, as they were probably the first adult they had seen all day. These outbursts lead to fights, fights which could be avoided if the parent had access to an emotional outlet during the day.

Yes, we are saying that Twitter has singlehandedly saved the modern day marriage. Is that a stretch? Ok, probably, but there’s at least a little bit of truth to it. Most of all, it means that parents who feel that they’re on the brink of insanity can find comfort on the internet, and maybe have a few moments of laughter before having to try to get sharpie stains out of the couch. From tweets about hilarious things kids say, to tweets about the often sad reality that is parenthood, these are the 33 best tweets about parenting this year thus far:

1. An unsung hero

2. “Oh, they’re at the bottom of a trash heap, sweetie!”

3. Should I even bother trying to stop it?

4. Screens are a parents best friend

5. That makes sense

6. Such an unsteady hold

7. The sad truth

8. Reading in between the lines

9. Don’t you hate it when your kids outsmart you?

10. Be prepared to throw all logic out the window

11. A parent’s worst nightmare

12. This just got all too real

13. I mean, he’s not wrong

14. Wait that’s actually a really good point…

15. It’s a process

16. We must accept the things we can’t change

17. This kid is going to either be the worst or the best one day

18. Tread lightly, little one

19. This includes all of those curse words you keep trying to stop using

20. That’s just a more appropriate name

21. Oh, you just wait

22. I like this girl’s style

23. The heart wants what it wants

24. It’s not mean, it’s necessary

25. *Sobs quietly to self*

26. Baby steps

27. They really have their priorities straight

28. This kid gets it

29. A very, very smart tip

30. Oh, you didn’t mean to order 12 gum ball machines?

31. Happy Easter, everyone

32. Might have to start making cost-benefit analysis charts

33. The most truthful statement ever made

If you’re a parent, you’ve definitely had some of these thoughts before. And if you aren’t, then you’re probably currently wondering if you should just get a dog and skip this whole parenting thing. If you’re nervous about your current or future parenting skills, take a deep breathe and check out these 20 people who haven’t quite figured out this whole parenting thing yet.

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