30 People Who Really Should Have Checked Their Surroundings Before Taking Selfies

Everyone takes selfies. It’s pretty much mandatory in 2018! But some people really need to up their game, or at the very least check their surroundings before snapping that perfect profile picture!

Remember people, mirrors are not your friend when trying to conceal that your candid shot is actually a selfie. Likewise, if you don’t want to be disturbed, use a room with a door that locks.

But hey, every time you take an embarrassing selfie, we find it, put it up here, and laugh our butts off!

So for now, put those camera phones away and enjoy laughing at other people’s mistakes…

1. She might be looking at the camera

But her dog’s looking at her ice cream.

2. So much disappointment

Next time lock the door.

3. Don’t worry little girl

We thought this was weird too.

4. Peek-a-boo!

I see you!

5. This is just nasty

I hope those girls gave him a good smack after reviewing the photo!

6. Hey Lana!

Guess what your name spells backward!

Wait until you see who was taking this next “muscle man’s” photo…

If you’d rather avoid ending up on a list like this one, check out the video below. You’ll learn exactly how to take the perfect selfie every time!

7. Totally cool muscle man…

Who still gets his grandma to take his photos for him.

8. Hey, look at my new glasses!

Nah, girl, I’m busy looking at your butt.

9. Just an innocent family photo

Has anyone seen the baby?

10. This isn’t actually a selfie

I’m really just checking out the inside of my nostrils.

11. He’s a little blurry

But that horse butt is in perfect focus!

12. Thirsty for “likes”?

Or thirsty for toilet bowl water?

Worried about a zombie apocalypse? Check out number 13!

13. Something tells me no one is looking at her outfit

After all, there seems to be a zombie dog invasion going on there.

14. Just me and my bestie…

And my dog’s butt.

15. It’s lovely when a child grows up with a dog…

Except when the dog appears to be pooping on your baby’s head.

16. That’s a great suit!

Maybe you could get one for your dad, or even just a pair of pants would be great.

17. Oh gosh, how embarrassing…

I totally got caught faking another embarrassing photo.

18. The itsy bitsy spider…

Is gonna make you scream!

Even the cops love to ruin a selfie sometimes…

19. Look at these idiots

That cop and everyone else has totally had enough of you!

20. Hmmm…

Is she keeping prisoners?

21. Everyone knows sitting on the toilet totally makes for the best selfie angles

Though maybe you’d like to pull your pants up first before snapping the pic.

22. There’s a reason most selfies are taken in the bathroom

You can lock the door.

23. How many selfies are you going to take?

Your little sister just wants to go to the beach already!

24. This guy is totally fit…

But the girl taking the photo definitely isn’t!

Every teenager understands this next predicament…

25. What is she doing?

So much disappointment from mom here.

26.OMG are you in the Bates Motel?

Because there is totally some psycho peeking at you from behind the shower curtain!

27. So funny, bae walked in on me in the shower today!

Oh no, wait. He totally didn’t.

28. You’re going to need a better disguise

Those shades give everything away… including your internet history.

29. She totally deserved this

Duck lips are so five years ago!

30. Ah, no, sweetie I just woke up…

And decided to take a selfie with my feet!

Wow, some of those selfies were pretty bad but also incredibly hilarious!

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