30 Panorama Shots That Failed So Badly, They’re Actually Quite Terrifying

The introduction of the panorama feature on smartphones was a glorious day for photographers who wanted to capture gorgeous horizons that stretched wider than the human eye can see. With its invention came many professional-grade photographs that managed to capture the wide span of any scene in a way phones never could before. However, unfortunately for the amateurs, the panoramic feature proved quite difficult to manage.

You all know what I’m talking about. You’re taking in the beauty of a scenic view and as you’re snapping pics, you decided to get all fancy and take a panoramic picture. It starts off fine, until your phone tells you to “slow down”, and you start to panic a little. You can see that it’s starting to get glitchy, and eventually you realize that you haven’t breathed in 40 seconds, and you’re on the brink of fainting. You get through it, and you look at your masterpiece in the hopes that your wobbles along the way didn’t ruin it. Well, surprise! They did, and your picture looks like someone placed an open photoshop document in front of a 4-year-old.

And all of that doesn’t even take into account the biggest ruiner of panoramic pictures besides your shaky hand: the subjects of the photo. Did your friend move 2 inches to the left? Well now they look like a sumo-wrestler. Did your dog walk into frame? Well now the main focus of this image is going to be an extremely long-bodied demon animal in the corner. It’s a really hard game to win, guys. But don’t worry you’re not alone, so sit back, relax, and enjoy 30 of the best panorama fails ever taken:

1. “Baby” and “Human Centipede” should never occur in the same thought

2. This lady become her own selfie stick

3. His face seems concerned too

4. This guy’s dog became Fluffy from Harry Potter

5. When your cat walks through the shot

6. An amazing levitating middle finger

7. Latest from the tech industry: two-wheeled cars driven by robot hands

8. This dog looks like some strange furry sea monster

9. Don’t look down

10. This poor girl just really had to sneeze

11. Ok this guy is a genius

12. This reminds me of Zac Efron singing Bet On It in High School Musical 2

13. Imagine if there was actually a creature that looked like this

14. An attempt to capture the beach makes it look like a horrifying tidal wave is coming

15. Am I drunk, or…

16. Photographing fashion week is going great!

17. These kids may have mastered the pano

18. Oh god, NEVER go vertical

19. Actually, do… because it’s kind of hilarious

20. Again with the human centipede

21. Sincerely hope no dogs actually look like this

22. Something’s not right here…

23. Mom?

24. When the concert decided to change the lights on you

25. This almost looks graphic

26. My dog’s face is melting

27. She’s like the mom from The Incredibles

28. You go ahead, let your hair down

29. The last thing this world needs is more scooters

30. Finally, a man who understands the only reason to ever use this function

Seriously, though, the only reason you should ever be trying that hard at a panoramic photo is if you want to try to be in the same picture at least 3 times. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up looking like a human centipede or one of Picasso’s paintings. If you enjoy watching photos be warped beyond belief, then check out 15 of the worst photoshop fails of all time that people actually posted on Facebook.

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