30 Ingenious Ways To Deal With A Terrible Neighbour

One of the most well-worn tropes in the generic family sitcom is the wacky neighbour archetype.

From Steve Urkel on Family Matters to Seinfeld's Kramer and Ned Flanders on The Simpsons, the wacky neighbour is there to show up at your house unannounced, often with a bizarre anecdote or ill-fated scheme that drives the plot of many an episode. In reality, the most we can hope for with our neighbours is someone friendly and generous who'll mostly keep to themselves, but unfortunately, some neighbours are chaotic forces in our lives, without a laugh track to make things even slightly amusing.

Whether they're noisy, inconsiderate or just a straight-up jerk, there are plenty of people who are just no fun whatsoever to live near. Faced with a bad neighbour, the temptation to ignore the offending party or perhaps even to think about moving out is always there, but these geniuses have mastered the art of dealing with terrible neighbours.

1. Love thy neighbour taken a little too far

2. I wonder what the problem was

3. Expelling demons: an acceptable weekend activity

4. Trouble in Paradise

5. Come on, apartment 1460!


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