30 Incredible Photos of Dads in Delivery Rooms 

Today, the UK is celebrating dads. June 18 this year has been designated as Fathers’ day so here’s wishing all the dads and father figures out there Happy Daddies’ Day, no matter where you live. It can’t be easy dealing with all of the challenges that come with the job – especially the awful jokes and terrible jeans – but we appreciate you and we have your backs just like you have ours. In honour of all the great dads out there, here are 30 amazing pictures of dads experiencing one of the most emotional moments of a parent’s life – the birth of their child.

1. The tear-jerker

2. The support system

3. Another tear-jerker


4. And the tears keep coming!

5. No, we’re not crying. You are. 

6. Already Daddy’s little girl

7. What’s better than one smitten dad? Two!

8. Another absolutely stunning moment

9. Can’t have a delivery list without twins!

10. Too cute for words

11. Even an injury couldn’t stop him from being there…

12. This full circle moment

13. This ecstatic dad

14. Another awe-inspiring moment

15. Smile for the camera, dad!

16. The one that came as a surprise

17. The one who did it for the LOLs

18. Joy plus panic equals parenthood?

19. The pure emotion in this pic!

20. Little one’s in good hands…

21. Overwhelmed with emotion

22. Two dads meeting their angel for the first time

23. Watching over the latest addition to the family

24. We’re cutting onions over here. 

25. Still cutting onions…

26. Now, our allergies are acting up. And these darn onions!

27. Partners in everything

28. A really “cool” dad 

29. The one who still couldn’t believe it!

30. A truly touching moment 

Happy Fathers’ day again, guys!

H/T: Bored Panda

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