27 Times Scottish People Were the Best Thing on Twitter

Welcome one and all, to the oddest experience you are likely to ever see. Welcome, my friends, to Scotland; land of the kilt, home to the haggis, the inventors of Irn-Bru. Scotland: the place of eternal rain and kindred spirit. Scotland: with its rosy cheeks and ginger hair. Scotland. Scotland, Scotland, Scotland.

Scottish people are actually the friendliest people in the United Kingdom, which is amazing when you think how utterly awful their weather is. The Scots, for some reason, actually enjoy their lives. Maybe it’s because they can all buy houses really young, or because they can count one of the best tennis players in the world as their compatriot (he doesn’t want to be British, guys). Maybe, just maybe it’s because the national animal of Scotland is a Unicorn. I am not even lying right now; the national animal of Scotland is a Unicorn.

Anyway, whatever is in the water that is making the Scots so happy, it’s safe to say that their happiness is reflected on Twitter. Scottish Twitter (or the greatest place on Earth as it should be known) is absolutely insane. For our more international readers, a lot of these tweets are going to be incredibly hard to decipher, but we feel like you should got the true Scottish experience. Now take my hand, buckle up and let’s go!

1. The Fragrance of a Scot

2. This bit of honesty

3. Scottish feminism

4. A problem we can all relate to

5. The Willy Snatcher

6. How’s your father?


7. Nope, no idea

8. Scots don’t do pretentious

9. Mom’s advice is the best advice

10. Behind every great dog is a great woman

11. All the best pranks happen in Scotland

12. Scots are here for a good time, not a long time

13. I can’t tell if he’s joking?

14. Probably, Ryan

15. A keen observation

16. Comedy Central roast, or The United Nations?

17. Don’t worry Zak, you’ll get there

18. We found love in a greasy place

19. She has a point to be fair

20. The last few years summed up nicely

21. Scottish Twitter is eye-opening

22. Scottish mums don’t do privacy

22. Those pesky babies, such pioneers

23. Don’t think that’s quite what they meant, Cameron

24. Scotland doesn’t do high fashion

25. I’m not too sure that’s okay, Jamie

26. You are what you eat

27. Sterobrys, duh!?

Scotland, you are an amazing, amazing place. You make no sense in the slightest, but you are absolutely hilarious. Thank you for being the gift that we all require in the dark times and for keeping Twitter funny. Scotland, don’t ever stop being Scottish.

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