26 Photos Of Dogs Before And After Adoption That Prove Love Heals All

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as a pet owner. And that’s because most of the dogs put up for adoption have never known life in a caring and loving home.

By adopting a dog, you are giving them a second chance to experience all they deserve in their short doggie lives.

Being welcomed into a loving and supportive household has a huge impact on their overall health and happiness.

And this is best exemplified by the following heartwarming before and after adoption photos:

1. Zoe 

The after photo is brighter in so many ways…

2. Riley

The ears are up and the tail is wagging…

3. Ajax

This pooch clearly has a renewed zest for life…

4. Jax

It’s all in the eyes…

5. Ziggy

It was once a petrified little pooch but now has the courage of a lion.

6. Butters

His misery evaporated as soon as the adoption papers were signed…

7. Don

Nothing says “liberation” better than this photo.

8. Virginia

Adoption added a splash of color to her life.

9. Toby

From sleeping behind bars to sleeping in a king-sized bed.

10. Remy

There’s a mischievous little pup!

11. Ralphie

Ralphie is neglected and disheveled no longer.

12. Pillow

She didn’t have a pillow to her name but just look at her now.

13. Pippin

She was once aloof and independent, now loves cuddle time with her new family.

14. Luca

The fear has well and truly been zapped from her life.

15. Laika

Those perky ears tell us everything…

16. Jax

Now there’s a doggie grin if ever I saw one…

17. Rosie

Everything is just rosy for her now.

18. Teddy

Life changed beyond expectations for this gorgeous dog.

19. Frank

Frank is happier and more confident than ever before.

20. Penny

This one brought a tear to my eye!

21. Digby

Digby has never looked more vibrant!

22. Wiley

His owners don’t know his real birthday but they’re happy to have spent an entire year (and counting) with him.

23. Harper

Harper is now playful and utterly affectionate.

24. Norman

Every dog deserves a loving home and luckily that’s exactly what Norman has now.

25. Meka

She lived a life of ill-health and suffering and now is fit and healthier than ever.

26. Yoshi

She went from an underweight pooch to a well-fed and healthy dog.

So there you have it: these before and after photos are proof that plenty of love and affection are pretty much all a dog needs to be able to live a fulfilled life.

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