25 Photos That Prove Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Everyone, even the most compassionate of individuals, relishes a bit of sweet sweet revenge. I don’t care if you’re Mother Theresa, if someone’s wronged you, you can’t help but take at least a little bit of satisfaction in rebalancing the cosmic scales and putting someone back in their place. Whether it’s a cheating partner, or a rude housemate, an obnoxious coworker, or just someone who cut in front of you in a queue, it feels great to knock someone down a peg or two.

Unfortunately, I know that personally, I’m just too timid to actually take offensive action and retaliate when wronged. Most of the time, I’m submissive enough to let wrongs go unrighted and to bad guys get away scot-free. But I’m happy to live vicariously through other people, and on the internet, there are loads of people who documented times in which they served up some seriously brutal vengeance to others. Check out how these crusaders served up some serious comeuppance.

1. Apply lotion to deep burn

2. No inheritance for that family 

3. Inked and dumped 

4. Laundrette nemesis

5. Nice one 

6. You know when someone makes an effort 

7. Making your brother look like an ass

8.  That’s one dumb robber 

9. Zing! 

10. That’s pure evil 

11. I don’t think anyone will swipe right 

12. Supermarket retribution 

13. So devious 


14. I’d be lactose intolerant after this 

15. Cling film car 

16. This ad was worth every penny  

17. Busted

18. Taking gaslighting to the next level 

19. Someone will have to unwrap their sheets 

20. Trollied 

21. Someone’s about to get a lot of missed calls 

22. He must really care about that $20

23. Parking made sadistic 

24. I don’t think she wants him to be returned 

25. No tip for them

Yup, there’s nothing like a bit of karma to cheer you up, is there? I feel better already knowing that justice has been served. If you want more, then check out the brutal revenge this jilted groom enacted on his cheating bride-to-be.

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