25 Animals That Have Totally Mind Blowing Camouflage Abilities

The ways in which animals manage to hide in plain sight or mimic other species is truly amazing, making camouflage one of the the most ingenious survival mechanisms ever. It’s pretty cool – and also a little creepy – to imagine that in so many environments around the planet, from the arid deserts of Africa to the darkest depths of the ocean, there are scores of animals whose physiology render them almost completely invisible in the right circumstances.

Do you think you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot some of these cunning critters in their natural habitat? Then check out this incredible list of some of the best examples in nature.

1. Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket

2. Longfingered Scorpionfish 

3. Mediterranean Octopus

4. Red Bat 

5. Barn Owl

6. Stick Insect

7. Buff-Tip Moth 

8. Long-haired Potoo 

9. Willow Ptarmigan 

10. Snow Leopard 

11. Chameleon 

12. Wrap-Around Spider

13. Children’s Stick Insect

14. Gray Treefrog

15. Pygmy Seahorse

16. Uroplatus Gecko

17. Leaf-Litter Toads

18. Leaf-Tailed Gecko

19. Great Horned Owl

20. Common Baron Caterpillar

21. Glauert’s Seadragon

22. Leaf Insect Phyllium Giganteum

23. Butterfly 

24. California Stick Insect

25. Ghost Pipefish

But the one animal that’s probably the best at hiding in plain sight are homo sapiens. That’s right, when human beings have the knowhow, we can turn into undetectable ninjas. If you don’t believe me then I challenge you to try and find the hidden thief in the following image.

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