24 Pictures That Are Guaranteed To Ruin Your Day And Stress You The F*** Out

One of the best parts about being a kid is that you’ve not got any real stress in your life. Sure, you might get upset when everyone else in the schoolyard has the latest pair of sneakers and you don’t, but, generally speaking, your life is carefree compared to when you’re an adult.

The moment you’re independent of your parents, you have a whole world of problems to navigate – like finding a decent job, making the rent each month, and maintaining a social life. With so many big stresses hanging over you, the little can ones seem that much greater too.

Check out the video below if you want to be stressed out immediately:

We all know what it’s like to have a seemingly small stress tip us over the edge as adults. The other day, for example, I bought a delicious looking bag of bagels only to discover that their sell-by date was the next day. Ergo, I’d just wasted some of my hard earned cash. Not cool.

So, without further ado, here are 24 pictures that are almost guaranteed to stress you out immediately…

1. This precariously balanced glass

It’s an accident just waiting to happen.

2. TVs should always be placed on a flat surface

I don’t like the idea of watching TV with my head tilted.

3. Talk about hanging on by a thread

Or, should I say, wire…

4. The most terrifying construction site you’ll ever see

How they even made this hole is beyond me.

One of the most stressful moments of my childhood was when I realized that I’d forgotten to pay for a piece of candy. Eager to get my snacks for the day, I’d inadvertently stole a piece of five cent gum. I was so stressed out that I returned it later that day. Talk about a guilty conscience!

5. This kid should be in The Exorcist

Or learn how to put on his hoodie properly.

6. The door that leads to a parallel universe

Maybe this house is the other entrance to the Upside Down in Stranger Things.

7. These wet sleeves

Can you imagine how uncomfortable this would be afterward?!

8. A skinned melon

It’s all kinds of wrong.

Accidentally stealing a piece of gum had nothing on some of the most stressful moments of my adult life thus far. The anxiety I felt when faced with a class of 30 odd rowdy teenagers who I somehow had to teach English to haunts me to this day, and reminds me why I never became a teacher.

9. This horrific excuse for a cup holder

Talk about tempting fate.

10. The arrow that doesn’t quite point straight ahead

So. Much. Frustration.

11. An almost perfect trio of dice

So close and yet so far.

12. Everything on this table

There’s really no excuse for this one.

Unlike when we are children, stress is a lot harder to deal with when we’re adults because we can’t lash out. If you get stressed out by your personal life, you usually can’t take time off work, and you’ll be ridiculed in the office if you throw a hissy fit at most of the things on this list.

13. The nonsensical shape of this fork

What was its designer thinking?!

14. Whoever decided to do this to their desk

I wonder which coin will fall first.

15. This scene from a murder movie

Death at breakfast.

16. A terrible kitchen mishap

That’s definitely not butter.

A little-known fact about stress is that it can actually kill you. In fact, it’s been dubbed “the silent killer” because it can result in high blood pressure, chest pain and an irregular heartbeat. That’s why it’s so important to try and stay calm as much as possible.

17. The most out of place candy in the world

It has no business being in that bowl of M&Ms.

18. This wizardry

I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what compasses are for.

19. Another mathematical monstrosity

Whoever did this really needs to go back to school.

20. This sign that you’ve had too much to drink

Luckily, this is just water. But imagine this was done with liquor. IMAGINE.

Stress isn’t just harmful when it comes to our health, it can be harmful when it comes to our hairlines too. While it’s a complete myth that stress can cause a person’s hair to turn grey, it’s been scientifically proven that it can lead to hair loss in men and women.

21. An all too relatable problem

Offices can be very frustrating places.

22. This slightly wonky plate

It’s worth rearranging the entire stack to put right.

23. The abomination that is this shirt

Whoever designed this deserves to lose their job.

24. The worst thing on this list

It’s grounds for divorce in even the happiest of marriages.

Thankfully, the majority of things on this list will only stress you out ever so slightly, but they are a testament to the fact that it’s pretty easy to get angsty. While stress is an inevitable part of life, maybe it’s a sign that we should only let the big things get to us!

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