24 Genius Desktop Wallpapers To Inspire You

The majority of people spend a staggering amount of time sitting in front of computer screens. This is especially the case for those who work in offices. They’re more familiar with the symbols on their desktops than many of the coworkers who surround them.

When you see something for hours on end every day, it can be easy to pay little attention to it. My desktop is littered with pictures I have to edit for my job, but now that I’ve been enlightened to some of the genius wallpapers out there, that won’t be the case for long.

Check out the video below for some serious wallpaper inspiration:

Life is serious enough, and, if you’ve got a brilliant wallpaper to cheer you up each morning, it’s a great way to start your day off with a smile. Hilarious wallpapers also make for good talking points which could actually help you get to know the people around you!

1. Your computer really is a world in and of itself

So why not make sure it’s got an epic planet in it?! Perfect for anyone whose organizational skills are lacking.

2. Sometimes the internet can be a scary place

And whoever did this managed to have fun with this fact in the best way possible, albeit at Internet Explorer’s expense.

3. When life in the office gets tough, the force will see you through

But what side are you on?

4. With enough imagination, your desktop can be a mirror

Probably not a good idea for anyone who’s visually impaired. Imagine if they tried to reach into your computer…

5. Jigsaw’s games take many forms

It’s like Russian Roulette but much much worse. Maybe you can use this to troll your annoying coworker.

6. Epic wallpapers can extend beyond your desktop

Now I really want a cookie.

7. More than one monitor is an opportunity for even more creativity

No one can resist a doggo with a cute face.

8. How to have some serious fun in the office

Whoever came up with the idea of turning their coworker into animals like this deserves a medal.

9. Internet Explorer is the most unwanted desktop item

Although, admittedly, this desktop might be going a bit too far.

10. Can’t decide on a wallpaper? You can always do this…

How to keep your desktop clutter-free in an imaginative way.

11. Poor Internet Explorer

Your browsing capabilities just aren’t good enough.

12. Mirror desktop wallpapers are all the rage right now

And a seriously clever way to make your coworkers pay attention to you in the office.

13. But it’s not just Internet Explorer that people are singling out

Sometimes it’s good to have Chrome ready to rock and roll at all times by giving it pride of place on your desktop. The owl is optional.

14. Why not turn your desktop into a washing line?

It’s a creative and functional option.

15. How to organize your files like a boss

Spider folder, spider folder, does whatever a spider folder does (which, in this case, is creating an epic wallpaper).

16. You have no sense of humor if this doesn’t make you LOL

Because there’s nothing worse than getting flashed by an out-of-date browser. Run strawberry and pear! RUN!

17. The perfect wallpaper for any artist

Creativity can take a limitless number of forms.

18. Only a true legend would have this as a wallpaper

Forget spaceships, Darth Vader looks like a real badass riding a squirrel.

19. Or, if you’re more into storm troopers, this is a good shout

Be gone Internet Explorer! The Dark Side has no place for you!

20. Create a folder that says brains then add some zombie hands

And viola! You’ve got the ultimate Walking Dead wallpaper.

21. Thankfully, Chrome isn’t too hard to find

Although it’s hard not to be frightened by that giant troll face and all of those Internet Explorers.

22. If you thought the Homer folder art was impressive, you’ve seen nothing yet

It’s almost as good as a real woman taking her top off.

23. Deleting Internet Explorer would be an easier option

But you have to hand it to this Yu-Gi-Oh! fan for being creative.

24. Sometimes simplicity is the way forward

Arrange the most important icons in your galaxy perfectly.

I can almost guarantee that after reading this list, you’re thinking to yourself, Wow, I’d no idea wallpapers could be so creative! With any luck, you’ll also have been inspired too, and let’s face it, a hilarious wallpaper will always be a talking point regardless of where your computer is located.

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