23 Rare Celebrity Photos Which Show Them In A Totally Different Light

Celebrities are everywhere. Their Hollywood smiles are plastered over our television screens and billboards, not to mention their domination of social media platforms, and there’s a constant slew of news reports about them.

As a result, we think we know everything about our favorite celebrities. That is until we see a rare photograph of them from back in the day which takes us back to a time when they were up to all kinds of unexpected and adorable things!

Here are 23 vintage photographs of celebrities like you’ve never seen them before…

1. Michael Jordan playing basketball with Michael Jackson in 1992

Two legends on one basketball court!

2. The Kennedys’ Christmas at the White House in 1962

It was a full house that year!

3. Steven Spielberg on the set of E.T.

A true legend at work – Spielberg too.

This next celebrity divided opinions since the beginning of his career. Some believe that he was vulgar and sexist and others credit him for being a monumental player in the sexual revolution. This next vintage photo, however, is pretty fishy for one very big reason…

4. Hugh Hefner was an avid fisher in the 70s

He really knew how to real them in with his bait.

5. Robin Williams aged 18 in 1969

Who could have guessed he would grow up to become Mrs. Doubtfire?

6. Bruce and Linda Lee in the 60s

With their adorable kids in tow!

This next celebrity has appeared in some of the biggest movies ever made. But while she’s got a reputation for being pretty unconventional, it turns out that as a teen she was fairly wholesome. So wholesome, in fact, that she’s barely recognizable!

7. Helena Bonham Carter, aged 17

Who knew she would grow up to have such a spooky aura about her?

8. Totally iconic photo of Andy Warhol in 1964

What was he doing? Buying Campbell’s tomato soup, of course.

9. Samuel L. Jackson as a high school senior

Wasn’t he just dashing at 18?!

These next women are three of a kind and nothing short of legendary, and it’s perfectly exemplified in this vintage photo…

10. Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett in 1976

AKA the original and totally irreplaceable Charlie’s Angels.

11. Fidel Castro on an official visit to Poland in 1972

What does an official visit to Poland entail? Playing basketball with students! What else?

12. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne with their kids Aimee, Kelly, and Jack in 1987

Sharon’s hair hasn’t changed a bit!

Some people prefer the more classic beauty of the actresses of Golden Age of Hollywood. And while I think Charlize Theron is a goddess, she’s nothing on this next legendary actress…

13. Brigitte Bardot at the Cannes Film Festival in 1956

Sacre bleu! The Golden Age of Hollywood wouldn’t have been the same without this stunning French actress.

14. Mick and Bianca Jagger moments after their wedding in 1971

That’s how he was rolling back then.

15. Sonny and Cher with Twiggy in Los Angeles in 1967

 Twiggy was the Cara Delevingne of the 1960s. Wasn’t she just lovely?

This next vintage photograph is of a hugely talented child prodigy and another show business legend…

16. Little Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy

Remember when Dakota Fanning was the cutest child actor in Hollywood?

17. Back in 1988, Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate were totally an item

Brad Pitt dated more fellow celebs than you realize!

18. John F. Kennedy and Jacky Kennedy on their wedding day in 1953

 This beats Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, hands down.

We tend to think that the selfie is a phenomenon invented by us millennials. Well, it turns out that narcissism isn’t just a thing of the 21st century…

19. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love in 1992

And Paris Hilton says she invented the selfie…

20. Elvis Presley on vacation in Hawaii in 1960

He could never put that guitar down!

21. Johnny Cash indulging in cake in 1971

He probably made a country song out of that eventful day.

Feast your eyes on these next three celebrities – you won’t believe how astonishingly different they look.

22. Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Robert Downey Jr. at the Governors Ball in 1988

 Sarah Jessica Parker could never part from her beautifully defined curls!

23. Mariah Carey at 18, Will Smith at 19

These guys dated back in the day?!

So there you have it, 23 photos of celebrities that you probably haven’t seen until now!

Now we all love a good photograph of a celebrity from back in the day, but do you know what else we love? Photos of celebrity children who look just like their parents. Check out the most uncanny parent/child resemblances in the video below:

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