23 People Who Experienced More Luck In One Day Than You Will In Your Entire Life

We are a generation of complainers – even those of us who have everything they need and more feel the need to vent about how apparently unlucky they are.

Whether we’re mad that tickets to see our favorite band have all sold out or bitter that we can’t afford an iPhone X because of an extortionate heating bill, our bad luck can sometimes see relentless.

That’s why when we do find ourselves in situations where the universe finally seems to be on our side, we cannot help but rejoice.

Check out these ten photos of people got insanely lucky:

And when the opportunity presents itself, some of us are lucky enough to be able to capture our sudden good fortune on camera.

These 23 people got incredibly lucky and just couldn’t wait to share it with the world:

1. It was so damn close

It fell in exactly the right place.

2. This totally trumps the four-leaf clover

This guy couldn’t believe his luck!

3. Getting stuck while in a car is usually pretty annoying

Not this time around though.

4. That beautiful moment when something totally and utterly exceeds your expectations

Why can’t this always happen?!

5. This car was literally an inch away from being battered by a massive tree

It didn’t get so much as a scratch.

6. This woman was actually bitten by a shark

Fortunately, she wasn’t quite tasty enough.

7. I mean, it did hit the target 

Bad throwers everywhere are rejoicing.

8. Here are palindromic bus tickets for different buses on the exact same day

It’s the best kind of double whammy!

9. Two ice cream cones in one pack!

Nothing says sweet satisfaction like getting twice the amount of ice cream you asked for.

10. “Found a safe in our floor during the house renovation.”

Now that’s my kind of safe…

11. The bird blocked a speeding car’s registration plate on the police camera.

Think of all the money that bird saved him.

12. The nail caught between the toes

What a bloody mess it could have been…

13. This kid has dollar signs in her eyes

She’s been ruined for life now.

14. I mean, if that’s an onion ring, I’ll take it

That’ll do me for the rest of the day…

15. It’s the best seat in the house

Think of all that extra leg room.

16. Did someone order an ice cream and a half?

Not me, but I’ll take it anyway.

17. When you’re in with a chance of winning $50,000

Thank god for Cheetos.

18. The lucky card

Have you ever seen a luckier card?

19. There are few things luckier than bananas with girth…

I’m “peeling” lucky.

20. Imagine finding wads of cash in a chest of drawers you found at a sale

He got way more than he bargained for..

21. “I saw a rocket launch from my plane’s window.”

Why have I never seen this on a flight?!

22. This boss wanted to reward his employees for their hard work but while the others got to leave early, one lucky guy got this

That lucky son of a…

23. It’s the most beautiful avocado I’ve ever seen 

As a millennial, I am totally jealous.

So there you have it: luck comes in many different forms. It’s not always about accidentally finding a load of money or finding out your great great grandmother’s engagement ring was more valuable than you thought. Sometimes something as simple as getting an extra chocolate bar can make your day.

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