23 Hilarious Photos Which Prove Why Women Live Longer Than Men

We all know that women, generally speaking, live longer than men. While some so-called experts may pin this down to men consuming a diet that is higher in cholesterol, or being more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and being employed in more dangerous jobs, we all know the real reason they are cursed with a shorter life expectancy.

It’s because they’re constantly doing crazy sh*t, landing themselves in impossibly dangerous and occasionally fatal situations.

Here are 23 photos which prove that men and their inexplicably wild ways are leading them into an early grave…

1. There is no sane justification for this

How this man managed to live into adulthood is beyond me.

2. It’s almost like he wants to die

His life is hanging in the balance.

3. This guy was desperate to one-up Harry Potter

The things people will do for a Hogwarts acceptance letter…

Believing you’re as adept with wild animals as any other trained wildlife expert can have serious consequences. The next man on this list learned this the hard way…

4. This guy thought he was a croc expert like Steve Irwin

But what the croc did afterwards brought him back down to earth in a very brutal fashion.

5. Dying in a car accident is never funny

Unless you’re this guy, then it’s hilarious.

6. He’s young, he’ll learn

Scratch that – he’ll never learn.

Now any sane person would want to have the least painful death possible. I for one plan on dying in my sleep, safe and sound in my bed after living a long, full and danger-free life. But not this guy…

7. No one would willingly die in a fire

However, some men are certainly asking for it…

8. If this man died, it would be a devastating tragedy

Then again, there’s a cemetery just behind the church. Just think how happy the undertakers will be that they won’t have to travel far for their next job.

9. I almost feel sorry for this kid

He honestly doesn’t realize how remarkably stupid he is. There’s no tragedy greater than that.

If you work on a construction site, you simply cannot avoid entering into dangerous situations. However, this certainly doesn’t excuse what this next man did.

10. There’s a reason why machinery is replacing people in the workforce

Personally, I think the world would be a better place if humanoid robots ran the world.

11. Now here’s an incredibly dim pair of idiots

And if you look closely enough you’ll see a Bob Marley portrait. They’re not worthy…

12. That can’t be comfortable

Then again, if he even attempts to get up he’ll be lying flat on the ground in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes people do things that there’s no logical reason for. And no matter how much we try to find some sort of explanation for their outrageous behavior, there just isn’t one.

13. I have one word for this photo: why?

It was just an average Monday for this man…

14. Surely this man is skipping out on some health and safety precautions

But it’s okay because he’s basically Spiderman.

15. This journey lasted a mile

I’ll let you imagine what happened afterwards.

When you form part of your country’s military personnel, you almost have to accept the prospect of an untimely death. Then again, if you’re anything like this next soldier simply getting out of bed in the morning is a threat to your survival.

16. It’s a little-known fact that 85 people a year die putting their pants on

And let me tell you, it wasn’t in combat that this man lost his life.

17. Who knows what this man was thinking

Or whether he has the mental capacity to think at all.

18. This man’s safety was in limbo

But it’s okay – he had his perfectly rational and sensible friend to help him out.

Some people truly have a death wish. How else could you account for this incredibly dim-witted behavior?

19. It seemed like a good idea at the time

Until seconds later when he hit his head on the dam. Ouch.

20. They simply didn’t have a long enough ladder

So this idea seemed full proof. Unfortunately, it wasn’t…

21. His reasoning is as stable as this ladder

I’ve seen some idiots in my time, but this man just takes the cake.

Sometimes alcohol can hinder your ability to think rationally and reasonably about things. And sometimes your inferior brain hinders your ability to think rationally and reasonably about things.

22. The unbelievable thing is that every single one of them was sober

It must have been something else sabotaging their judgment.

23. This photo is the epitome of teamwork, cooperation, and hard work

And also inexplicable stupidity.

You’ve seen plenty of photographic evidence that certainly could explain why women live longer than men. Now watch a video of these reckless men in action:

So there you have it, 23 men who certainly aren’t doing their fellow dudes any favors when it comes to representing the brotherhood.

Let this be a warning to any other reckless men out there: clean up your act if you value your life, or continue being an idiot at your peril.

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