22 People Reveal How They Caught Their Partners Cheating on Them, and We’re Cringing

Ending a relationship is no mean feat. Whether one is the architect of a relationship’s ending, or on the receiving end of a devastating rejection, there really is no easy way to call it quits. The notion of remaining friends after such turbulence is frankly laughable to many, in the aftermath of bitter recriminations and strident blame games that have no decisive winner.

Of course, there are those rare and precious moments in which both parties agree that, all things considered, it would be better to part ways amicably, though for every such occasion there is the more sinister and damaging break up; when one of the pair has been cheated on by the other.

Cheating is a regrettable aspect of love, but it does occur with saddening regularity. Here, then, are some of the most toe-curling and cringeworthy stories of cheaters getting caught out there. Buckle up.

1. Taking “love thy neighbour” a little too literally

2. Leave with your held held high, and a whiteboard marker in your hand

3. Take the beer and run

4. This guy did everything he could to get caught

5. Maybe she was making balloons for your birthday?

6. Sherlock Holmes reincarnated

7. A broken hip and a broken heart, all in one sorry tale

8. Did he finish fixing the computer?

9. Almost like live streaming the end of your relationship

10. A love story for the ages

11. That’s one switched-on insurance agent

12. Mic drop

13. That’ll do it

14. When technology turns against you

15. Bizarre name for the folder, that

16. Clearly

17. Mean Girls isn’t just a film

18. “Why don’t we go to Disn- oh. Never mind.”

19. Anyway, Happy Australia Day!

20. A tragedy told by text message

21. There’s something a little sinister about this

22. Cheat-ception

A collective sympathetic nod for all of the unfortunate people who have lived about absolutely nightmarish cheating scenarios. If you are feeling like you’ll never love or trust again after reading this, try to keep the faith, there are plenty of lovely people out there as well.

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