22 Of The Years Best Snapchat Pictures That Are Too Hilarious For Words

2016 has been a year that has been pretty tough to go through. We're talking political reforms that no one saw coming, celebrity deaths and intolerance became cool. It's not hip and fashionable to pretend you can't eat dairy, guys. Thankfully, there are some funny folk out there who thought that this world needed some light relief, and used social media platform Snapchat to allow the world to laugh a little.

Snapchat is a great platform for observational humour, and people from around the world saw the funnier side of life whilst going about their day to day activities. So allow yourself to laugh a little, chuckle heartily and scroll through some of the best Snapchat's of 2016.

1. Making the best of a bad situation


2. Safety first


3. Gravity works in mysterious ways


4. The Shrek merchandise was a bit patchy 


I'm hoping that the kid in #3 is actually 70, and just a really rad grandad who doesn't need a mobility scooter to get by. If anything, that would be even more worthy of a Snapchat if it meant seeing your beloved grandad bustin' a few moves at the skate park. More Snapchat shenanigans over the page.


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