21 Pictures Reminding You That Cats Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Among all domestic pets, cats are far and away the most evil. You may be a cat lover yourself, but there is no denying that there is something sadistic about the way they carry out their mischievous plans. A cat will look you dead in the eye, do something that you specifically instructed them not to do, and then look back at you to revel in the look of disappointment that hangs on your face. I mean, there must be a reason that the hashtag #catsare*ssholes has over 44,000 posts on Instagram (for reference, the hashtag #dogsarea**holes has only 500 posts).

While these are all undeniable facts, there are still many cat lovers out there who deny that their furry friends are malicious in any way. These people just blame cats’ bad reputations on an unfortunate species-wide case of resting b*tch face, an innocent byproduct of their facial structure that they cannot change. But we know better than to believe that. So, in an attempt to prove to these naysayers that cats do, indeed, want to watch the world burn, here are 20 pictures of cats doing what they do best:

1. *10 seconds after being told not to touch the cinnamon rolls* 

2. Hey! Hey! I have something to tell you… 

3. What was that? You just hit a triple word score?

4. Get that thumb out of my face, Jason

5. That should be enough space for you, right?

6. That presentation is due tomorrow, right?

7. We eat pizza when I say we eat pizza

8. OK NOW WE CAN EAT PIZZA… ahh too slow

9. Please, woman

10. Canceling Christmas before it even begins 

11. Just say ‘uncle’… Ha just kidding, I’m not gonna stop

12. And the World Card Stacking Championship Title goes too…

13. Trying to have a nice dinner party? Ok I’ll just post up here

14. Don’t even think about making yourself dinner before you make mine

15. Sorry, this is a one pet household now. Best of luck on your endeavors

16. When you drop cash on a shark-themed cat bed but he prefers the box it came in

17. You’ve been looking a little chubby… are you sure you need the extra kibble?

18. When your owners lovingly throw you a 5th birthday party 

19. The day before the new season of Game of Thrones comes out

20. And yet another Christmas is ruined

21. “Yay! First catch of the day!”

At this point it is abundantly clear that cats are sinister creatures, intelligent enough to understand what you want from them, but diabolical enough to almost always do the exact opposite. Have you ever seen a dog look a human being in the eye and then slap them across the face with no remorse? No, you haven’t, because THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an argument against having cats as pets. They are clearly intelligent, and usually extremely cute (another trait they use to their advantage). You just need to know before you adopt one exactly what you’re getting yourself into. And don’t worry, although at times it may not seem like it, science just proved that cats want to hang out with you just as much as dogs do.

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