21 Photos Of Earth’s Devastation That Will Break Your Heart

The majority of us definitely take Earth for granted and don't treat it as well as we should. Remember the last time you littered? Probably not - but Earth definitely does - and the result of this continued behaviour is pretty terrifying.

Now, I'm not a Greenpeace campaigner and I'm not writing this to judge others or say I'm any less responsible for this than the rest of the world but I'll certainly be doing my bit as much as possible going forward. You just try not to be shaken by these devastating photos.

1. Thousands of dead pigs found in the Shanghai River


2. In all the places you're going to build a factory, don't put on in the middle of a forest for f*cks sake



3. This kind of takes the great out of the Great Wall of China


4. This lonely homeless Koala lost everything to deforestation 


5. This tortoise was stuck in the plastic for so long, its body grew around it



6. A glimpse of the pollution over Mexico City


7. And LA


8. A river so polluted, the fish cannot survive in it


9. In Hong Kong, the real skyline is so ugly, they put up a fake skyline for tourists to pose in front of




10. Believe it or not, that's water pollution in China


11. This bird is almost drowning in oil 


12. Because of poverty, children in China will drink from the stream despite the pollution


13. This boy spends his morning swimming through pollution, looking for anything to sell


14. Another polluted river in China - where people can only look on in dismay


15. A toxic algae river


16. This seal is heartbreakingly trapped in plastic


17. California's Lake Shasta at a record low


18. This is supposedly the main source of water for Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, home to 14 million people




19. The Yellow River, China. China is meant to be the world's largest grain producer.


20. An oil pipeline explosion 


21. The Mir Mine in Russia



The wildlife is what upsets me the most, we can choose to ruin our own future but inflicting it on the animals of the world who don't have that choice just seems selfish. Come on humanity, sort this shit out. If you need any more reason to have some more respect for the planet, just check out these completely astounding and beautiful shots of natural phenomena you wouldn't believe happen on earth. 

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