21 People Reveal The Worst Responses They Got To Their Selfies

Sending a selfie is always makes people vulnerable. No human face, like no piece of writing, is perfect, and someone could always have a place of contention to peel the whole thing apart for the smallest infraction.

For these unfortunate people, the selfie they took was an object of horror, a window into rejection and their own family members dog-piling on them. For shame world!

1. To start with, this poor person was immediately blocked just for putting a face to her name

2. Sure, you ‘can’ delete him…

3. This is a really sly way for a friend to express jealousy

4. I hesitate to believe this person actually sent a selfie to a ‘friend’

5. Well, you get what you asked for

6. This is probably the best outcome a selfie could have, if you just want to be complimented

7. Wow, racists still clearly out here

8. Maybe they got an emergency phone call, or something. I don’t know

9. Family business, family feud. Don’t go to the reunion

10. ‘Partner’ with ambiguity? Sounds like a side-chick problem

11. A public comment, eh? Brutal

12. If it’s two guys, they’re joking around. I hope…

13. Narcissus meets his reflection right here

14. Sounds like a horrible mother-daughter situation. Move out ASAP

15. When your own grandmother is a savage…

16. Discrimination against Asian men continues!

17. Why send out a selfie like a scattershot to a ton of people and expect them all to care?

18. Ouch

19. It could be a good scream!

20. This is actually pretty good and brutal right here

21. Some people are just shameless vultures

So uh, yeah, there’s that. I gotta get meta for a second, cause I don’t quite get what’s going on here. Are these people chatting up strangers online, on sites without profile pics, and then sending selfies to make or break some strange online relationship? Or is a person’s attractiveness constantly hinging upon a good or bad selfie, regardless of what that person looks like in real life?

Anyway, Snapchat and Instagram are just big-ol digital meat markets for faces. Don’t put yourself in the grinder unless you’re ready for someone to pull the lever and mess you up bad. The internet is a really bad place sometimes. There’s little accountability and everyone is a hungry dog looking for something. Hesitate to engage.

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