21 Glorious Examples Of LGBTQ+ People Shutting Down Homophobia

It’s not easy being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. While there is no doubt that society has moved away from the heteronormative values of the past, we are still a long way off living in an equal world, and that means that LGBTQ+ people have to contend with a lot of issues.

They have the anxiety of deciding how and when to come out, and the subsequent risk of persecuted for being open about who they are. Even those who are entirely accepted by those around them can’t get away from the persecution their community still faces in society.

As a result, LGBTQ+ people are incredible at defending themselves, and better still, they know how to do it hilariously…

1. They’re just shirts

And if you’re so homophonic that you don’t want to risk wearing flannels, well, as this Tumblr user rightfully pointed out, you’re ruining society.

2. Now that’s one way to weed out the homophobes in your life

Love is love, and anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to be ostracized for their views.

3. Some people fly out of the closet accidentally

It’s nice to know that this person’s football coach was unphased by the revelation.

4. LGBTQ+ people have to deal with a lot of euphemisms

And some of them are so ridiculous that they can be likened to overly flowery cereal names.

Thanks to the changes which are occurring in society, it’s becoming easier for LGBTQ+ to live as their authentic selves, however, as hate crimes against the community were only outlawed in 2009, a lot of homophobic people still struggle to see why their views are wrong.

Check out the video below where a cyclist takes down an anti-LGBTQ+ preacher in the most hilarious way possible:

5. You have to admit that they’ve got a point

Especially when it comes to bisexuals. By this logic, all straight people must be attracted to every single member of the opposite sex…

6. Some rules work in the LBGTQ+ community’s favor

And let some truly epic magical romances flourish.

7. I’ll never understand why people do this

Another person’s sexuality is absolutely none of your business and you don’t deserve an award for guessing what it is.

8. This is actually a very endearing image

Forget pixies, I bet the LGBTQ+ community would make much better magical creatures!

One of the upsides to social media is that it allows LBGTQ+ people to see that they are not alone. In the United States, six-in-10 LGBTQ+ students have reported feeling unsafe in school because of their sexuality. So if you’re a straight ally, it’s important to make your views known and support your LGBTQ+ friends – whether it’s by shutting down anyone who insults them or by using their preferred pronouns.

9. Sometimes it’s bisexual people who are persecuted most of all

But it’s good to see that they’re able to make light of the cheating stereotype that’s associated with them.

10. Dick pics are particularly revolting to lesbians

And anyone who receives them unsolicited. It’s a form of sexual harassment and it’s not cool.

11. Ouch…

Some men could learn a lot from lesbians when it comes to pleasuring women.

12. Parents should never favor heterosexuality like this

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you perfectly call out homophobic parents.

Discovering that you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community is a process. For some people, they know exactly what they are from an early age, whereas others have to spend more time questioning. To prevent further problems down the line, parents should support what their children identify as at any given time – teaching them that their worth is not connected to their sexuality.

13. No one’s sexuality should be demeaned like this

It just goes to show how deluded some straight men are when it comes to lesbians. They were born this way. Stop trying to change them.

14. Straight men have a lot of sins to answer for

They’re statistically more likely to refuse to wear a condom with a woman they find attractive.

15. Ellen is a national treasure

And I’m pretty sure she’d approve of this coming out story – even if she’s no longer this person’s mom’s favorite lesbian.

16. Coming out can be a mic drop moment

I also know someone who came out with a giant rainbow cake.

Coming out is a particularly stressful time for many LGBTQ+ people, but now that attitudes are changing, for some, it’s a chance to celebrate the fact that they’ve discovered who they really are. In fact, coming out parties are even a thing! In 2016, an American girl’s parents went viral after they decided to throw her a surprise coming out party when she told them she was gay after they “kind of suspected something was up.”

17. Homophobic views are so senseless that they’re funny

If you’re cisgender and straight, the LGBTQ+ community won’t affect your life. So get over their existence.

18. I bet her mom wishes she’d got her the ferret now

Sexuality isn’t something that you can control, influence or change.

19. RuPaul would be proud of this level of shade

I bet this person’s aunt was speechless. Burn.

20. There are no words…

It’s hard to fathom that a company would try to profit from LGBTQ+ people while simultaneously censoring them.

21. I couldn’t have said it better myself

At the end of the day, gay marriage is marriage.

Ten years ago in the United States, LGBTQ+ hate times were legal and gay marriage was still a long way from being legalized. In 2013, 92% of the LGBTQ+ community said society had become more accepting of them. While these posts are a testament to the wit and humor of LGBTQ+ people, the fact that they exist is proof that we still all need to work together to make homophobia a thing of the past.

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