20 Times Patients Got Some Controversial Advice From Their Doctor

I don’t think it’s pretty safe to say that being a doctor is hard. Not only do you have to go through many years of school and practice, but the lives of many are in your hand, and doctors must be careful to give out accurate correct diagnoses, as well as helpful treatment or advice.

As a result, whenever we take a visit to the doctor, we fully trust that doctor’s opinion and their advice. Sadly, though, that trust can sometimes be unwarranted, and a doctor can give out suggestions that are somewhat ill-advised. Check out these patient testimonials below, they might just convince you to take whatever your health practitioner says with a pinch of salt.

1. A headache in more ways than one

2. So much for perseverance

3. That might be a problem

4. What could possibly go wrong?

5. That’s more than a little mean

6. Maybe it’s time to find a new doctor

7. Maybe some of our problems can be solved with just hair dye

8. That’s not going to help the panic attacks

9. No more mouthing off

10. This advice doesn’t really have the legs to be useful 

11. Hopefully, that doctor will go about fixing those problems

12. Being happy: the true cure for depression

13. I guess a gynaecologist would know best, right?

14. A little careless

15. That’s technically 21 sneezes

16. Surely it’s got to be more than that

17. A less than polite way to say that a patient is overweight

18. That’s a lot of bathroom breaks

19. That’s going to be awkward

20. A colourful diet 

Although we’d like to believe that every professional is well-informed and competent at their job, these insane patient stories go to show that even doctors can give out some poor advice from time to time. Of course, they’re by far the most qualified people to help us get over our various sicknesses and diseases, but next time your doctor suggests you do something, maybe these stories will remind you not to take everything they say at face value.

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