20 Stupid People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Breed

Humans are certainly remarkable creatures. We have evolved over billions of years to materialize as the beings that we are today, so you’d assume that we’d be incredibly intelligent.

Wrong. Humans are possibly the most foolish creature of all. Don’t believe me? Well, these photographs of our breed in action will really make you reconsider…

1. The terrible IKEA idea

We all get a little bit carried away at IKEA, so it’s hard to judge this woman. Oh, who am I kidding? What on Earth was she thinking?!

2. Delivery driver disaster

Delivery drivers must have an immense amount of fun on a daily basis. Either that or they really, really hate their jobs.

3. Painting yourself into a corner

I think we can all sympathize with this man and his ill-thought-out plan. Maybe leave it to the professionals next time!

4. That’s one way to wash your house!

All this house really needs are some disco lights to turn this tragic situation into an insane foam party!

If you think that’s bad, then wait until you see these really expensive fails…

5. Someone is getting fired

The Queen may have aged a great deal since her portrait was plastered onto Britain’s currency, making her look very different, but this is just insulting!

6. Surely this deserves extra credit

I hope his professor gave him points for trying – whilst also failing him for the year. I am not sure this guy is ready to join the rest of the human civilization!

7. It was just how he’d have wanted it!

I know, I know, you don’t know whether to laugh at this or not. Don’t feel guilty if you do, because this really does have a comedic¬†Only Fools And Horses vibe to it!

8. Thanks for sharing!

Don’t you just hate people who try to force their unconventional views on other people? I think I’d rather go vegan than proudly display this outrageous sticker.

9. Are you gonna tell her, or shall I?

This woman clearly felt like she didn’t need anybody’s help – but, let this photograph be an example as to why it’s always important to ask for assistance when you don’t have a remote clue as to what you’re doing!

10. The television trouble…

Sometimes the more basic an action is, the more difficult it is to execute – but, I mean, not quite this basic!

11. “They were handing these out at the hospital to patients for Halloween. Somehow I don’t think they’d thought it through…”

Let’s hope the patients saw the funny side of these very morbid cookies…

12. Oh, the irony

When you’re whole belief system is based upon something very circumstantial, it’s best not to make comments like the above.

13. “My girlfriend didn’t want to lose the keys to her padlock”

Well, I mean…she won’t lose the keys, will she? So technically I think she has nailed this!

14. Parking on thin ice

I have a lot of questions about this set-up. The only conclusion I can come to is that they’re all part of an elaborate insurance scheme?

15. That’s going to end in tears

If you have no clue what you’re doing, it’s best to ask for help. In this modern day, with full access to Google, a situation like this shouldn’t be possible.

16. Did it for the ‘gram

To be honest, if I was served that, I would also throw most of it away…

17. There’s always one

Oh dear, we bet this chap was incredibly humiliated by this incident. So much so that he handed in his driving license and vowed never to drive again.

18. Did you hear about the disappearing car?

Legend has it that on this lake, a car completely vanished. Was it Marty McFly or something a little more sinister?

19. That’s snow not funny

Cars have roofs for a reason. Sadly this car owner had to learn what that reason is the hard way. Somebody fetch a shovel!

20. A disaster waiting to happen

Airport security is extremely strict, so it’s incredibly hypocritical of them to serve coca cola and mints onboard a plane – have they not seen the consequences of such a mix?

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