20+ Rules The British Royal Family Must Abide By (Or Else…)

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a royal? Well, it might sound like all fun and games, but what the British royal family have to do to uphold their position as a "royal" is far more than you would expect. In fact, the rules that the royal family must stick to are pretty insane, some of them are completely ridiculous.

You're all thinking, "what happened when Kate Middleton married into the family?" Well yes, she had to transform her life, and adhere to all the rules of the royal family. But what were those strange things she had to do that totally freaked her out at first? And if Meghan Markle ends up marrying Prince Harry, she will have to change her whole entire lifestyle too...

Weird Rules For Royals

Some of the rules go centuries back, from when older Kings within history have decreed something that the rule family must adhere to, and it has stuck due to historical demand. However, some of these weird rules we have caught a couple of the royal family members breaking... but there's no denying that some of those strange rules need to be broken.

NEXT: First on the list is a very sensible rule, that all royals have to adhere to...


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