20 Pictures From Prom That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry and Everything In Between

When you’re a teenager, prom is the most important moment of your life. A good chunk of high school is devoted to thinking about it, planning the event, and choosing dresses, dates, and drinks.

I remember picking out the perfect yellow dress, slow dancing to Train’s Drops of Jupiter, and also borrowing my parents’ car because my date didn’t drive. Looking back, it didn’t really live up to expectations, but I don’t regret a second of it.

Your prom is totally a milestone event, but, as these photos prove, it can create a whole lot of embarrassing memories for people to bring up at every other important moment in your life.

Whether you were Prom Queen or just skipped it entirely, you’ll surely be glad you aren’t in any of the pictures below. That being said, feel free to laugh, cry, or maybe even scream at the 20 prom pictures below:

1. Aw, how pretty! Now look a little to the right…

Creeper Alert! Creeper Alert!

2. Say, what’s the weight limit on this bridge?

Hmm… I hear “wet” is the in look this year.

3. When she tells everyone her date is a handsome doctor…

David Tennant is not impressed.

4. All the colors of the rainbow!

And a squirt gun for the rain!

5. When you can’t find a date so you take a chicken.

Not sure how it’s going to pay for dinner, though. Golden eggs?

This next one is an actual hazard…

Want to see some celebrity prom photos? Check out the video below:

You’ll see Jennifer Anniston before she had “The Rachel” haircut, and Elen Degeneres long before she met Portia de Rossi! Of course, Ru Paul had the most fabulous and awkward photo of all. You have to see it. You won’t be disappointed!

6. Whoa! That’s not good…

Retreat! Retreat!

7. One of these things is not like the other…

I wonder which girl gets sexy bachelor number five!

8. The look in the cow’s eyes says it all.

He, like everyone else, thinks this is a bad idea, too.

9. Awkward!

Like, just why?

10. This is one overprotective dad.

He ain’t trying nothing with her after the dance!

If you thought that dad was crazy, what until you see this next one…

11. This dad actually looks a little crazy…

Have her home by 10? Let’s make it 9:30.

12. Llama wants to go to the dance, too!

Hey, if they put a bowtie on him, do you think they’ll let him in?

13. Oh, look what you made me do…

Take a bad prom picture? Then yes. Yes, we did make you do that.

14. Has anybody seen Ted?

No, man, but whatever you do just act cool and don’t turn around.

15. Pretty girl…

Very creepy naked dad!

Remember boy bands? This next couple does, too…

16. Hey, look, it’s the 90s!

Yes, Lance Bass took Danielle Fishel to prom. Too bad he couldn’t take her brother.

17. That one guy who couldn’t find a prom date…

So he decided to take a pineapple!

18. What’s worse? That they posed for this photo…

Or that he doesn’t actually have any abs to show off?

19. Ah, the 80s!

They were just super weird, right?

20. Will Ferrell. In a Tiara. 

Clearly, we’ve saved the best for last!

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