20 Photos That Show the Incredible Weathering Effects of Time

The passing of time is something that most of us pay little heed to. We're attentive to our own small routines, but are utterly incapable of seeing the bigger picture. The larger context of time passing, as well as the transient nature of the universe and our ultimate mortality, is a prospect that few people are willing to think much about.

But the thing is, there are all kinds of indications all around us that things are moving irresistibly onwards, and that the principle of entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, is all encompassing, as the following images will attest.

1. M&M's that have been left alone for a decade

2. A carpet in an office worn-out by workers 

3. A man who took his wedding ring off after 50 years

4. Two identical mugs, one used, the other not

5. This checkout counter has worn out in layers from years of items sliding across it


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