20 Photographs That Are A Giant Middle Finger To Humanity

If you ask a scientist to explain what keeps humans grounded, they will attribute it to gravity. But in my humble opinion, the people of this world are balanced by something much less complex: the fact that someone, somewhere is having a worse day than them.

Think about it, at some point you have despaired at the state of your life only to realize in the same second that somewhere on the planet someone is having a much tougher time. If today is that day, then don’t worry as we have photographic evidence to prove that your life really isn’t that bad…

1. That’s ruff

She must have been barking mad to think that these were snacks were human food! Thankfully, the Trojan condom on the side seems to suggest that this couple aren’t planning to breed anytime soon…

2. You better be avo-ing a laugh!

They say that your first trip abroad with your partner is the make or break of the relationship, but I think we have found a new way to test a couple’s compatibility: do they know how to correctly cut an avocado? If not, then it’s not worth it.

3. It’s the thought that counts

You have to award points to this husband for trying. Evidently, he is not often let loose in the kitchen – or he won’t be after this.

4. He sold pistachio shells on the seashore

Again, it’s the thought that counts! Besides they’re still shells even if they have come from a pistachio nut rather than a creature of the sea!

5. This is mutt funny

Our pets do the strangest of things, but this really takes things to a whole new extreme. Either that or he is practicing for the circus.

6. Evidence of a psycopath

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they open food packaging. For example, if they do this there is a good chance they’re psychopathic.

7. Shoot straight

It’s hard to know what the most alarming element of this situation is. The fact that the water is spilling all down the wall? Or the fact that it’s squirting right onto an electric plug socket? It’s a disaster just waiting to happen!

8. It’s all about perspective

They say that art is in the eye of the beholder, so can you really condemn this employee for hanging this photograph the wrong way around? Clearly, they saw a deeper meaning with it hung on its side!

9. Dignity for sale

This unwitting internet user lost more than just money when he uploaded a photograph of the voucher code, he also lost his dignity.

10. Lock it up

This would be a clever solution to always losing your key if it weren’t for the fact that it renders the whole piece of kit completely useless.

11. A helping hand

This boyfriend clearly skipped health education class. I hope the girlfriend let him open his ‘present’ on Christmas Day in front of the family.

12. Concrete chaos

I could make some monstrous joke about how the builder of this toilet had had a curry the night before, but I won’t. I expect the homeowners were very unsatisfied with his sloppy handiwork!

13. Health and safety situation

It’s a mystery as to why more children’s play parks aren’t placed on building tops. Maybe this could explain why…

14. Puppy power

Part of you wants to laugh at this poor puppy, another part of you feels extreme pity for the little chap who has clearly got himself in a sticky situation.

15. Is he drunk?

I can seriously relate to this cat after a rather heavy night on the town…

16. Oh, screw it!

It has taken me my whole life to realize that air vents are purely for aesthetics. Who knew?!

17. Homemade haircut

When a man’s haircut costs $5, it’s a mystery why he would try and do the job himself…

18. Hang on in there

There is absolutely no explanation for this peculiar scenario. We are all as bemused as the young girl sat next to him on the subway.

19. So, it’s closed?

Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to have access to a computer, or words, or paper…

20. There’s a problem with the pug

No doubt this was done last thing on a Friday, when the bus advert installer decided he’d rather be at the pub…or, should I say pug.

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