20 People Whose Romantic Surprises For Their Partners Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Going out of your way to do special things for your partner is the best way to show them that you love them. When you are in a new relationship, you go all out to impress. You want to prove to your new beau that you’re worthy of being their other half.

But even when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, a good way to help keep the spark alive is to treat your partner in the form of spontaneous gifts and surprises. It keeps the relationship fresh, alive and oh-so-loving.

So, without further ado, here are 20 adorable partners who provided their beaus with the most romantic of surprises!

1. Who needs a romantic getaway when you can have this?

Yep, this pillow fort was constructed by a very thoughtful partner. Of course, Netflix and Chilling might have been in it for them too!

2. Because communication in a relationship doesn’t always have to be face-to-face

They color-coded it and everything – that’s dedication!

3. Because your partner is beautiful whatever size they are

Now that’s some truly unconditional love.

Not everyone has the money they need in order to really push the boat out. But what you can afford to do is make your beau smile from ear to ear because you’ve put so much effort into giving them a lovely, thoughtful and, if necessary, cheap surprise.

4. When you’re a gardener, there are plenty of romantic things you can do using your skillset

But why collate a bouquet of flowers when you can do this?

5. Because giving your partner some “me time” is just as romantic

Everyone loves having a partner who’s good with their hands.

6. How does one person cover an entire bedroom with post-it notes?

Well when they’re inspired by love, very easily.

We all love a good fairytale – especially the romantic kind where the “happily ever after” involves a handsome prince marrying a beautiful princess. Well, this next partner recreated something from their beau’s favorite movie, and it was stunning!

7. He’s the Beast to her Beauty

And they’ve got the enchanted rose to prove it.

8. Who says engagement rings have to be expensive?

Getting a ring from someone who made it with love is much more heartwarming.

9. This boyfriend combined his girl’s favorite things in the world

Bacon and roses. He knows her too well!

Some people say opposites attract, but I think you’ll agree that in order for a relationship to work, every couple should have at least one shared hobby or interest. Well, this next boyfriend turned both his and his girlfriend’s shared love of Harry Potter into a spellbinding gift.

10. They bonded over their love of all things Harry Potter

So, of course, he had to make his own leather Harry Potter book cover to give to his girlfriend.

11. What this husband did for his drunk wife brings a tear to my eye

“My wife had a bit too much to drink so I made a nice romantic candle setting for her with pillow and blankets by the ivory throne complete with hair rubber band, water, socks, and nose spray. I’m going to sleep, candles are battery operated.”

12. What to expect when you have a carpenter for a partner!

A beautifully crafted wooden bracelet.

We all like to indulge when we’re having a tough day. Whether that involves stuffing our faces with Ben & Jerry’s or gulping down glass after glass of wine, good partners will support us, and the best partners will actively encourage us.

13. It’s never a rough day when you have a partner like this

Yep, this guy really did make his own wine labels to cheer his girl up when she was feeling blue.

14. Transforming the pantry purely to put a smile on your partner’s face

There’s nothing more romantic than someone putting their DIY skills to good use.

15. Another stunning handmade ring

Where do all these people find the time to come up with and execute such romantic gestures?

When this next boyfriend told his girlfriend he’d like to play a game of doctor and patient, she had no idea this was in store for her…

16. The most romantic kind of “role-playing”

This couple played doctor and patient, and the best part was that this box of goodies was her prescribed medicine.

17. Guys, he made her a ring out of a coin

And not just any coin, a coin that was made the year she was born.

18. Having a soldier for a boyfriend seems a pretty romantic idea in itself

But when he makes dog tags with these kinds of messages, you know he’s definitely the one.

It can be pretty difficult thinking up a present to give to your partner at Christmas. I mean, so far, most of these romantic surprises have been spontaneous. Christmas, however, is the most important gift-giving occasion, so your partner kind of expects you to push the boat out.

19. Is there a better gift than a ring or a box of chocolates?

A dog, of course! Imagine waking up on Christmas day only to be confronted with an adorable pooch.

20. It’s the thought that counts

“Tomorrow is my girlfriend and I’s 1 year anniversary. I recently lost my job so I can’t afford a nice gift, so I made her a jar of homemade peppermint bath bombs and a card. I hope she likes it.”

Contrary to popular belief, a romantic gesture doesn’t necessarily need to be exchanged between those in the actual relationship. Find out what this man did for his new bride’s sister in the video below, and how this was the most romantic gift he could have given his fiancée.

So, there you have it, 20 people deserve the greatest amount of gratitude for being terrific partners. And to everyone else out there, if this has shown you anything it’s that you need to step up your game!

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