20 Of The Most Infuriating Photographs That Sum Up 21st Century Problems

I don’t know about you but my New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to avoid getting myself into any messy situations.

Now I don’t mean work-wise, family-wise or even relationship-wise. I’m referring to all those seemingly trivial scenarios where something goes completely wrong and really tests your patience.

And the following 20 situations captured on camera are the worst of the worst:

1. The deceit was incomparable

And they got away with it too…

2. I think she’s mistaking the train floor for my mouth

Such a waste…

3. He could have avoided that so easily

If only he had minded where he was going.

Some of these infuriating scenarios really emphasize the incompetence of our fellow human beings. How does one person manage to make such a glaring error?

4. Clearly the work of a cowboy builder

Men could just about manage it. Women, on the other hand, are f**ked.

5. This is one good reason never to have kids

The little rugrats can ruin just about anything when they’re armed with a pen.

6. Something like this would tip me over the edge

The crushing disappointment of not being able to drink your favorite soda.

As it turns out, YouTube star Christian DelGrosso is just as infuriated by disastrous situations as the rest of us.

Find out which particular scenarios really grinds his gears in the video below:

7. They should have just settled for shop-bought cake

What a colossal waste of time spent baking that.

8. We can’t have everything in life

Hopefully, his next donut will have just a little more than an iota of jam.

It’s always when you really need something that you either cannot find it, or it breaks beyond repair. Oh, the injustice…

9. They’re the only pair in the house

So he tried and failed to use his teeth instead. Where are our caveman instincts when we need them?

10. When something threatens to destroy your most prized possession

I don’t mean to make light of this blatant disaster but how the hell did that happen?!

11. Why would you raise my hopes like that?

Like that’s going to quench my thirst.

What particularly annoys even the most poised people among us is when some idiot gets our food order wrong. But has your McDonald’s order ever been as wrong as this?

12. Is this a revolutionary way of serving a cheeseburger?

Nope, it was just prepared by an incompetent fast food worker.

Some annoying situations that you find yourself in could have been so easily prevented, sort of like this next one.

13. You had one tiny little job

I guess I’ll have to do it… for the hundredth time.

14. There are no words for this monstrosity

It’s not the worst kind of explosion that can happen but it’s definitely up there.

We might expect the riskier, more complex situations to go wrong. For instance, trying to avoid death by jumping over a pit of snakes. But it’s when the most basic, seemingly uncomplicated things go wrong that you realize the universe really isn’t on your side.

15. Hand paper is usually pretty handy

Well, that isn’t annoying at all…

16. He really needed whatever was in this filing cabinet

Keys serve no other purpose than to open sh*t up and some of them can’t even do that.

17. What the hell is that?

Not to paint everyone with the same brush, but renovators really need to get it together.

Sometimes you just have to accept that the exasperating situations that you find yourself in really are your own fault.

18. I have little sympathy for this man

How anyone could get a vacuum cleaner trapped between the doors of an elevator is beyond me.

19. Men’s restrooms have hit a new low

How much worse can they get?

20. Another key-related mishap

Well, there goes my carefree evening on the sofa with a bag of Cheetos.

So there you have it: some of the most irritating things that can happen to you. Let’s hope 2018 makes for a less complicated and more carefree existence.

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