20 Movies And TV Shows That ‘The Simpsons’ Have Predicted Perfectly

For nearly 30 years and over hundreds of episodes, the Simpsons have graced television screens all across America and indeed, the world; America’s most famous family have added new words to our dictionaries, thrust cartoon shows into the mainstream and moulded the shape of pop culture itself. As you laugh along with the antics however, it’s easy to forget that while the Simpsons can sometimes be a heartwarming, earnest family comedy, Matt Groening’s magnum opus is also the source of some seriously biting satire.

Perhaps the most cogent example of how accurate the Simpsons’ sardonic social commentary can be is to look at all the times that the Simpsons made a tongue-in-cheek prediction about our future that ended up coming true. Over the years, the longest-running Primetime television show of all time has called many cultural events that have shaped our society; they even predicted that Donald Trump would become president!

On a slightly smaller scale, however, the Simpsons has predicted some of the movies and television shows that are popular today. The Twitter account @Simpsonsfilms tracks down the scenes and snapshots from the Simpsons that mirror the movies and television shows we watch today. Have a look, and see how many you recognise!

1. Suicide Squad

2. 127 Hours

3. Magic Mike

4. A Bug’s Life

5. The X-Files


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