20 Hilarious Photos Taken Moments Before Utter Disaster Strikes

Taking endless photos with our smartphones has become part and parcel of our daily lives. So much so that we are capable of unintentionally capturing all kinds of bizarre and unthinkable moments.

Here’s a little taster of how hysterical these perfectly timed photos really are:

If we are lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it), we can capture the impressive moment of being a split-second away from “disaster”.

From being whacked in the face with a great big basketball to falling face first off a massive horse, the opportunities of capturing a catastrophic moment pre-impact are endless.

1. Not the most peaceful type of meditation I can think of

She definitely wasn’t smiling once she became drenched by the wave.

2. That’s got to hurt!

His gormless look makes the photo even better.

3. Being headbutted by a goat? No thanks

Goat horns are deceptive sharp.

4. Get off your high horse!

I don’t know who I feel sorrier for…

5. Luckily, he lived to tell the tale

Damn those teeth look razor sharp!

6. How the hell did that happen?

She came out of it with only a few broken bones.

7. Taking perfectly timed photos are a piece of cake

Well, not every time, apparently. What a waste…

8. Never disturb a woman while she’s getting her tan on

She might just kill you.

9. Let’s take a nice little picture by the pool

Note to self: when taking a poolside photo, make sure the background doesn’t contain a woman seconds from drowning.

10. We all know who bore the brunt of that mighty spill

And boy, was she mad.

11. Yeah, and that was what was leftover from their ice bucket challenge

That’s what he gets for trying to defend his country.

12. It’s not so cool getting on top of someone’s shoulders for a photo now, is it?

Damn, that’s quite a bit of water.

13. It’s like being b*tch-slapped by a snowball… literally

No one needs that during a blizzard, now do they?

14. I think that’s how we’d all react in the event of a ball whacking us in the face

The terror in her eyes is simply incomparable.

15. No, not the beer

Waste chocolate, pizza, cookies, but never the beer!

16. That’s what you get for trying to stand out from the crowd

It wiped the smile straight off his face.

17. It’s enough to make you gag

He was kicked off the team the next day…

18. She is completely unfazed by that whack

They don’t call it “Action Ball” for no reason.

19. Swinging is usually a pretty relaxing activity

But not for this girl.

20. I don’t mean to make light of this but how the hell did that happen?

It’s the last thing you’d want when taking a photo.

So there you have it: 20 mindblowing examples of how vulnerable we are to being victims of utter catastrophe. We hope each and every one of these unlucky souls are recovering well after what they’ve been through. But at least they have an epic photo to console themselves with.

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