20 Hilarious Examples Of Rule-Breaking That Will Inspire Your Inner Rebel

We live in a world where we are told what we can and can’t do from an early age. As children, it usually extends to nothing more than being told not to have an extra candy bar, but rules govern almost every aspect of our lives as adults.

It’s like society is a prison that prevents us from doing the things that our hearts desire, and sometimes our hearts desire a little bit of harmless rule-breaking! After all, rules were made to be broken, right?!

Here are 20 hilarious anarchists who are constantly breaking all of the rules:

1. It simply made its mark on him

This guy couldn’t bear to part with his new black marker… so he stole it. What a legend!

2. Breaking all the rules

This guy is a pro at being an anarchist. He can break four rules simultaneously and with ease.

3. What the hell did Bill do to deserve a “soliciting and posting” ban?

Bills all around the world have put on a united front in order to combat this kind of discrimination.

Breaking rules really does increase your adrenaline levels in the best possible way. And who wants to be a sheep who does things purely for gaining other people’s approval? Not these next rule breakers, that’s for sure.

4. It’s alright to laugh because she made the first joke

What about anything with a “Made in China” label?

5. Because who needs a fancy knife to cut cheese

Especially when onions have all those layers?

6. The big red “NO” was overstepping the mark

Nobody likes a dictator.

Following rules dictated by other people makes us lose our individuality and waters down our sense of humor. Do we really want to live in a world full of brainless robots? Whilst some rules definitely exist for a reason, others are just plain stupid.

7. Nothing wrong with a little confirmation

Don’t be self-righteous and expect people to respect you.

8. No need for mood policing

He was in a good mood until he saw your stupid sign.

9. When you’re too stubborn to die

But also too stubborn to go to the doctor. So you’re f*cked either way.

These are the kind of people you would want to lead an uprising if you happened to be living in a corrupt dictatorship. They’d know what to do – even if it was nothing more than little acts of rebellion. They all add up!

10. Well, now it’s the only thing he can ‘think’ of

Pretty counterproductive if you ask me.

11. Well, technically, it’s not breaking the rule

Unless by “Blade” they really did mean a “Blade CD”.

12. It’s not just us humans that enjoy a little rebellion

Fair play to the bird – the view from up there is incomparable.

Sometimes people break rules without even realizing it. Often in those cases, it’s so glaringly obvious that they’re doing something against the rules and that’s what makes it so side-splittingly hilarious.

13. Benjamin Button, anyone?

He’s the wrong kind of senior.

14. This stapler was held prisoner on Floor 4 for far too long

So this person decided to liberate it. Where’s the harm in that?!

15. Because did you know if you take away “wo” from “women” it makes “men”?

Men are women… minus the “wo”.

Some people are not content with breaking the rules in a relatively wholesome fashion, so they go one step further and create a display of rebellion that’s actually pretty crass. Kind of like this next rule breaker.

16. Now this one is just crude

And also totally ingenious.

17. “I’ll insert my straw wherever I please”

He also drank it past the use-by date – true rebel.

18. “If I catch you, you are dead”

I’m sorry but Dr. A Hedgeh is the very definition of “og”.

Now some people take their rule-breaking very seriously. In fact, this next rebel went out and got himself a costume in order to pull off this terrific display of disobedience.

19. Clearly, that’s not allowed on the subway

But does this man care? No, not in the slightest.

20. The sign is practically tempting you to do it

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – signs prohibiting things are counterproductive.

So there you have it – the most ingenious cases of rule-breaking as showcased all over the internet.

And as it turns out, babies are just as guilty of breaking the rules as adults are. Check out the video and watch a mother discover that her baby has BROKEN the law!

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