20 Heroic Fathers Totally Nailing This Whole Parenting Thing

When you think of most sick jobs, they involve fighting fires, carrying a gun, or driving quad bikes. Yet, when you think of being a father, is “best job ever” even close to your mind? If it isn’t, then maybe you're doing it wrong.

Yeah they maybe useless when it comes to texting, and wear socks and sandals at the beach, but they're also inventors of the Dad Bod, and often go above and beyond to show their kids a good time. Here's to you, dads of the world.

1. He mastered babysitting and CoD in one ingenious engineering move.


2. This dad who made the world's coolest pram.


3. Have you ever seen a happier kid?


4. This thoughtful father might have just dominated the 'Day of the Year 2015' category.



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