20 Guys Reveal The Topics They Avoid Discussing With Their Girlfriends

Many people believe the key to a good relationship is communication. We are constantly told that in order to remain with your partner for a long time, you need to be honest with each other. For some people this is an easy task, however, for others it’s nearly impossible.

Whether you’re an open book, or someone who prefers to keep things private, there is always an element of fear when deciding to trust someone. What if they go behind your back? What if they don’t care? If we break up, they know everything about me? These are all common thoughts that go through someone’s head when learning to trust, and it isn’t wrong to have them.

Undoubtedly, we all hide certain things from our partners, that’s part and parcel of life. Whether it is your political opinion, or your REAL thoughts on Ed Sheeran and Game of Thrones (they’re not that good, are they?), there will be something that you don’t tell them, or you at least dumb down in their presence. However, 20 men have spoken to Whisper to confess the things that they refuse to talk to their girlfriends about, and some of them are pretty crazy.

1. Avoid politics at all costs

2. The elephant in the room

3. Their body, their choice

4. Arm yourself with a bucket next time

5. She might have forgiven you, but she won’t forget it

6. Is this right, or should you put yourself first sometimes?

7. I mean, this is taking safety first to new extremes

8. To conquer fear, you have to become fear… right?

9. A man with morals

10. Maybe it would be better to confess your addictions?

11. That doesn’t sound healthy

12. Time to open up

13. Who needs parental approval anyway?

14. You can’t live under a mask forever…

15. The past is the past

16. Trying to kick the habit

17. Swerve the awkward rejection

18. Does religion cause more problems than it solves?

19. Some things are better left unsaid

20. Maybe it’s time to call it a day

Wow, so some of those are pretty deep and are surely signs of an unhealthy relationship. I mean, if you’re girlfriend has cheated on you three times and it beats you up everyday, maybe you shouldn’t be with that person? Still, relationships are pretty hard to navigate, and all of them are going to have their ups and downs. However, sometimes it’s best to just get out of there.

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