20 Insane Photos That’ll Have You Questioning Your Own Sanity

Countless inexplicable sightings have been reported throughout history. Whether they’ve been of ghosts, ghouls, or a particularly unusual set of flashing lights in the night sky. Now that we live in the age of photography, these sightings have become even more common.

In most cases, photographs that make people look twice are the result of optical illusions, but there are others which have had people scratching their heads for years. In fact, people some have been so confused by them that they have started to believe in magic.

Here are 20 perfectly timed photographs that are so insane, they’ll make you think you’re going crazy…

1. There’s something wrong with the sky

Or, y’know, this person’s computer.

2. It’s difficult doing yoga when you’ve got two heads

Oh wait, I see it now…

3. He angered a witch

And now he’s been condemned to spend the rest of his days with a sausage for a head.

4. That dog’s torso must be setting a new world record

Or maybe he’s got another furry friend lurking behind him.

The success of Harry Potter has caused many of us to long for a little magic in our lives. The real world can, on occasion, be too mundane for words, but it turns out that you don’t need a Hogwarts’ education to be a wizard, all you need is a camera and perfect timing!

5. This guy’s got his beachwear nailed

And he doesn’t even know it.

6. Talk about a purrfect sweater

She’s definitely not going to be cold this winter.

7. To infinity and, urm, wait a minute…

Too much denim can be confusing.

8. “Hey kid, you’ve forgotten something!”

But I guess he could have the longest and bendiest back in history.

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, if you’re lucky enough to capture a bizarre photograph that makes everyone look twice, then it’s safe to say that it’s worth a lot more. Thankfully, photography wasn’t around when witch hunts were – otherwise you’d be in trouble.

9. Spider-girl, spider-girl, does whatever a spider-girl does…

Like making some very thigh-like pots.

10. “Sally, there’s someone on your back!”

Ah, wait. False alarm.

11. Ghosts are surprisingly feisty hockey players

Don’t worry, we can’t work out what’s going on in this one either.

12. After upsetting a magical troll, this guy’s foot was transformed

Let’s just hope that no one decides to turn it into turnip soup.

Looking at these bizarre pictures, it’s easy to see why so many people believed in magic in days gone by. The Ancient Egyptians had a particularly strong belief in magic, and, to this day, we’re still trying to work out how they were so technologically advanced. Maybe there was a connection…

13. This boat is sailing through the clouds

Sometimes seeing is believing.

14. What a perfectly symmetrical garden looks like

We can only assume that metallic object in the middle is a mirror.

15. Someone’s been seriously overfeeding this bird

That or a photographer’s climbed a tree for this snap.

16. If you don’t have your dream car, you can always do this…

Although a paint job this realistic would probably cost a lot too.

Humankind has become great at problem-solving. Whenever there’s a mystery to solve, we use photographs to help us find a logical answer. But if anything like these snaps finds its way into a detective’s inbox, the whole case could become a lot more confusing.

17. On a first glance, these women need a doctor’s assistance

Then it becomes a lot clearer.

18. That poor, poor camel

Let’s just hope this picture isn’t as cruel as it looks. We reckon the camel’s body is hiding behind the guy…

19. The greatest example of perfect timing ever

And the greatest angle. Hats off to this photographer.

20. “What are you looking at?!”

Everything about this photograph is perfect. The reader’s sweater even matches the face.

So the next time you’re watching a documentary, or hear someone talking about something strange they’ve seen, bear these photographs in mind. It’s more than likely that these inexplicable sightings are the result of optical illusions, or, we can hope, magic!

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