20 Genius Tips and Hacks Every Parent Should Know

It is no secret that parenting is the ultimate test life can throw your way. Bringing a human being into this world, and then making sure it lives is a daunting task, and that’s the baseline necessity for good parenting (providing a general sense of love and joy are considered to be somewhat important too).

Since it truly is that hardest job in the world, we’ve compiled 20 hacks to hopefully make life just that much easier for all the moms and dads out there.

1. To soothe a teething baby’s sore gums, put their pacifier in an ice cube tray, pour in their favorite drink, and let it freeze

2. Make a DIY identification bracelet with your phone number on it in case your kids get lost

3. Keep Barbie’s hair straight and shiny by washing it with diluted fabric softener

4. Use disposable coffee lids to keep popsicles from getting messy

5. Pick up all of the glitter around the house with a lint roller

6. Use a roll of butcher paper and a frame to give your kids an endless drawing board 

7. Instead of dragging your kids on a hectic shoe-shopping trip, measure their feet beforehand and leave them at home 

8. To prevent doors from slamming on your kid’s fingers, cut a pool noodle vertically and attach it to the corner of the door 

9. To teach kids left and right, place one-half of a sticker on either side of their shoes: they’ll quickly learn by having to compete the full image of the sticker

10. Use slick paint on the bottom of socks to prevent slipping on wood floors 

11. Give your toddler a snack-on-the-go by making them a cheerios necklace 

12. Cut a lotion bottle in half and attach it to the faucet so your kids can wash their hands with ease

13. Use glitter and glue to make tooth fairy money more ‘realistic’ 

14. Transform an old crib into a new desk

15. Instead of throwing away empty baby food jars, wash them and use them to store spices

16. Use water-displacing spray WD40 to clean crayon stains

17. Attach a hook to the back of your baby’s high chair and use it to store bibs 

18. Make your kids their own “monster spray” to feel safe fighting monsters at night

19. Put a laundry basket into your baby’s bath so they will have a more stable seat and their toys won’t go floating around

20. Keep your kids busy by letting them paint a fence with water

Hopefully these hacks can make your life a little bit easier. While you’ll likely appreciate the added safety measures some of these hacks provide, you will probably be even more thankful for the ones that help to keep your kids occupied for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, we do not have any advice for the larger parenting obstacles you will face, such as getting them to clean their rooms or having the birds and the bees discussion. What we can offer you, however, is 15 pictures that make it clear having kids is the worst, which hopefully, you will not find relatable at all. But who are we kidding? We both know you will. 

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