Makeup Artist Shares 20 Dramatic Makeovers That Restored Women’s Confidence

We live in a world where appearances are valued (and criticized) more than ever. Gone are the days when you could escape society’s impossible beauty standards at home, now, because of technology, we’re constantly surrounded by images of ‘beautiful’ people.

This can have a detrimental impact on our self-esteem, especially if were are already going through a hard time. But thanks to Goar Avetisyan, an incredibly talented Russian makeup artist, many women have had a glow up that’s been more than just physical.

Avetisyan is renowned around the world for her makeup artistry which she uses to help people who want more than just a makeover. She uses her creativity to help people see the beauty in themselves, transforming them mentally as well physically.

Many women turn to Avetisyan because they want the confidence to overcome challenges in their lives and the transformations they make are truly inspiring. Here are 20 examples of women who’ve had their faith in themselves restored…

1. Julia needed help battling cancer

She went straight to the hospital to kick its a*s after her transformation.

2. Her skin had always bothered her

Now she’s seen how truly beautiful she is.

3. She felt tired and haggard

But she looked and felt like a movie star after her makeover.

4. Vlada needed a confidence boost after 15 eye surgeries

And Avetisyan was more than happy to help!

Many people face criticism for wearing makeup. However, it’s clear from these pictures that it can have an immeasurable impact on a person’s confidence, especially if they are going through medical treatment which can alter their appearance.

5. Avetisyan wanted to give a stranger a surprise

She’s positively glowing now! In fact, she’s singing with joy…

6. It was her first makeover in nine years

And considering she is Avetisyan’s grandma, we’re sure this experience brought them closer together.

7. Chemotherapy had knocked Anastasia’s confidence

But she feels a lot stronger fighting cancer after her makeover.

8. Light-reflecting makeup can roll back time

Now she looks and feels like she’s 21 again.

Avetisyan revealed that it takes her around two-and-a-half hours to transform her clients. “I can’t even explain this feeling when you do a makeover for somebody and you make this person happy and more self-confident. You help the person love themselves more,” she wrote.

9. She was the perfect canvas

And after Avetisyan worked her magic, she sure knew how to strike a pose!

10. Madina needed a boost while fighting breast cancer

Now her golden eyes are dazzling, and she’s got a smile back on her face.

11. This 38-year-old had never visited a makeup artist before

But Avetisyan showed her how makeup could transform her confidence as well as her appearance.

12. Burnt when she was just tw0-and-a-half years old, she needed a boost

So Avetisyan personally paid for her plane ticket to come to Russia for her transformation.

Avetisyan has made these jaw-dropping transformations look effortless, and, with over four million Instagram followers to her name, it’s clear that people are in awe of her talent. She’s said that the hardest thing to pull of with makeup is making eyebrows look natural.

13. Avetisyan definitely nailed this woman’s eyebrows

And her eyeshadow too. That combination of colors is mesmerizing…

14. Her life had been blighted by sensitive skin

But Avetisyan knew exactly what cosmetics products she could safely wear.

15. Cancer claimed her hair and breast

Then Avetisyan’s makeover restored her confidence.

16. Makeup can really accentuate natural beauty

Avetisyan said that this transformation was created using the “cut crease” technique.

Whilst the vast majority of people have praised Avetisyan’s ability to transform people with makeup, the radical transformations she’s created have not been without their critics. One Instagram user wrote, “That’s why you always take a b**** swimming on a first date.”

17. Irina was so impressed with Avetisyan’s work that she came back to her three times

She’s glowing now.

18. Two skin grafts made Lilya self-conscious

But with Avetisyan’s help, her skin looks flawless.

19. Her frown was turned upside down

As much as it’s a cliché, anything that can make a person this happy in such a short space of time has to be worth it!

20. Makeup might be temporary

But its effects for someone like Ann can last a long time.

It’s often said that a good haircut can change your life and Avetisyan’s work is proof that the same is true of a good makeover. Sometimes people need a little helping hand when it comes to seeing the beauty within themselves.

You can keep-up-to-date with Avetisyan by following her Instagram account here.

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