20 Completely Ordinary Things That Will Totally Freak You Out For Some Reason

Ever get freaked out by an object or situation only to realize it was a totally normal, everyday thing? It’s like that time when you were little and you walked in on your mom wearing one of those green facemasks that used to be super popular.

Suddenly you freaked out about the green alien in your bathroom who quite possibly ate your mother! That didn’t happen to you? Just me? Okay then…

But if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’ve got to check out these next 20 photos. You’ll be sure to look twice at what appears to be a totally creepy situation only to realize that it’s absolutely normal. Don’t believe me? Then take a look for yourself!

1. This Creeper

“I thought this man was staring at me like a psychopath until I realized he put his glasses behind his head.”

2. This crab that’s using a doll’s head as a shell

There is definitely evil lurking in the depths…

3. This Ripped Up Photograph

Why is it torn in half and why is it outside? Regardless, it’s totally haunted!

4. This Smile

There is a reason dogs do not have human teeth.

5. This Demonic Creature

Perhaps he’s there to make sure other vehicles keep a safe distance away?

But wait until you see this car’s windows…

6. The Tinting On This Car’s Windows

Ahh, is it the apocalypse? Nope, just got to roll down the window…

7. This Creepy Door

It seems to have its own ghostly gatekeeper. Quick, what’s the password?

8. This Scary Beast

No, wait, that’s just a yawning rabbit.

9. This Dying Snowman

“Melting. Melting!”

10. This Confusing Holiday Picture

Last I checked Santa had friendly little elves, not a scary clown posse!

Ever wonder what happened to that old Pac Man video game? Check out number 11 to find out…

11. This Smushed Grapefruit

Or perhaps it’s what happens when you kill Pac Man.

12. These Murderers

Oh sorry, I mean house painters.

13. This Ghost Cat

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

14. This Muffin Face

Totally sweet or definitely creepy?

15. This Night Scene

The Trees have eyes… and super freaky smiles…

This next photo just might be the freakiest of the bunch…

16. This Junior Mannequin 

What happened to its neck?

17. This Surprise Visitor!

Perhaps it’s best to leave the lamp off for now, or maybe just seal up that room entirely.

18. This Clever Way To Hide A Doll

Or a horrific scene from Alien.

19. This Peeping Tom

“A guy said he was being watched from Ubisoft’s offices.”

20. This Mysterious Being

“A friend of mine went for a walk the other night and saw this woman just standing on a roof.”

Perhaps let these 20 photos be a lesson to always look twice. What appears to be a super freaky situation is probably just your mind playing tricks on you. Either that or someone’s just decided to be really weird. One or the other!

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