20 Brilliant Memes You Absolutely Need To Send Your Co-Workers ASAP

As depressing as it sounds, you probably spend more time with you co-workers than with anyone else. For around 9 hours a day, you and your co-workers occupy the same space, and sometimes getting through the working day with them can be tough. However, while some co-workers can be nightmare and make your day a misery, if you get on with your colleagues, your work can actually be pretty enjoyable (I know that sounds completely insane right now).

There is one that thing that we all love doing with does with our co-workers, which is moaning about work. Moaning about work is the one thing that you all have in common, and everyone’s opinions on your line manager and the office relationships will no doubt come up in conversation over that after work beer. But, did you know, there is also one other thing that you and your colleagues both share an interest in? And that thing is memes.  Everyone loves memes, right? I have never met someone who could genuinely say that they don’t like memes. So, what is a better way to bond with your colleagues, other than by sending them a shed load of memes about how work sucks? Nothing, that’s what. Take a list at the list below, and get ready to forward it around in an email chain that you’ve accidentally copied your manager into.

1. Just let it go

2. Ewww, get away from me with your positivity

3. The sad truth

4. Working hard or hardly working?

5. C’mon, I mean, really?

6. *Opens word doc and types “hjfsdkhksfnd”*

7. God I hate you, Karen

8. Are you being serious?

9. You do not pay me enough to make me to buy a present for someone I don’t know

10. Welcome to hell!

11. Get those dirty hands away from my lunch

12. It was fun while it lasted

13. What does it even get used for?

14. I wasn’t me, I promise

15. Although, you can now get a couple of days of work?

16. Goodbye cruel work

17. Decisions, decisions… 

18. Just you wait…

19. Atleast I’m honest

20. It’s not my problem anymore

How relatable are some of these? Going to work is tough, but atleast we now know that people experience the same thoughts we do on the day-to-day. For more work related content (as if you don’t think about it enough), why not check out the 13 thoughts we’ve all had on our first day at work.

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