20 Bizarre PicturesThat’ll Have You Booking A One-Way Ticket Off Planet Earth

We all have a camera roll full of bizarre pictures that look completely weird out of context – or even in context. It is our biggest fear that one day our peculiar pictures will be exposed for all to see. It’s not those nude snaps that you’re concerned about, it’s the horrible selfie you sent to your friend the yesterday that has you working up a sweat!

Luckily, the world is a weird place. Therefore, you’re not alone with your odd images. These snaps will restore some faith that your photo album is actually quite normal.

If you can explain what is happening in each of these snaps, then you are certifiably weird. In fact, you may be so weird that you cannot find anything odd about these pictures – in which case, you should probably seek help!

Prepare to be mystified…

1. Taken by surprise

This Korean statue depicts the game of “ddongchim,” which literally translates to “poop needle”. It’s a popular game with children in the country, who play it in the school playground. However, out of that environment, it is totally bizarre.

2. Has anyone seen my arms?

This kid has clearly been reading too much George Orwell. “Two legs good, four legs bad”…

3. This looks fishy

You have cod to be kidding me! I only came to get some cash trout!

You may think it is impossible to get any weirder than that, but you’re wrong. It’s about to get legitimately insane…

4. It’s rude to stare

Did you ever wonder why a woman’s breast size is measured in cups? Well, this picture is your answer!

5. Smoked chicken

When photographs were first invented, they were quite a novelty. Thus, a simple snap of your child wasn’t good enough to hang on the wall. The picture needed to show off everything you owned in one composition. Hence why a child, chicken and cigarette appear in this one snap.

6. That’s a lot of skin

There is legitimately no word to describe this bizarre picture – except for, well, sweaty.

7. Trick or treat

They say that the camera adds 10lbs. But, evidently, this camera works in reverse by completely eradicating whole elements of the body!

8. No gloves, no loves

We all view our pets as little humans, but this is taking it a little too far! Employ a gardener to do your dirty work, human!

9. Are you talkin’ to me?

We didn’t realize Sylvester Stallone had been cast as the frog in Princess and the Frog!

10. Phallic but functional!

Life hacks are important to ensure that we survive this modern life without investing too much of our hard earned pennies. Making use of something you already have is paramount to the success of a functional life. Something this young lad nailed!

11. Putting your feet up

After a long day, there is nothing better than putting your feet up. Note: your feet, not those belonging to your child.

12. Nothing to see here!

These girls are riding the waves, quite literally. This is what happens when you watch The Little Mermaid one too many times.

13. Horsing around

Imagine discovering that your neighbour is a horse! We wonder if this homeowner is in a stable condition because keeping a horse in a second story flat is certainly a strange thing to do!

14. What kind of animal does this?!

This right here is bagel sacrilege. It is a painful sight to any lover of the holy food. What is this world coming to?!

15. Safety first!

It is better to be safe than sorry – especially if you have just eaten a curry! Buckle up, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

16. Spaghetti monster

Either this lad needs to go to the doctor, or he needs to resit his sexual education class!

Still hungry for more bizarre pictures? These ten snaps will really perplex you if you’re not already bamboozled to your limit…

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