20 Hilariously Aggressive Windshield Notes From Livid Drivers

We all suffer from a little road rage when we’re driving but what about when we’re parking? There are only so many times we can put up with someone stealing our space! These 20 people have had enough with the ways of inept parkers, and are getting angry about it!

Have you ever written a passive-aggressive note and left it on someone else’s windshield? Or maybe you were just downright angry? Check out 20 of the angriest, and creative, windshield notes from absolutely livid drivers:

1. This guy just wanted to help…

By making sure this lousy parker would be the last of his kind.

2. Don’t make people angry…

It only forces them to question their grammar. Should we call the grammar police?

3. Beware the produce army!

Clearly, someone had a lot of time on their hands.

4. Wow, that was mean!

It must have been a tight fit.

5. This guy won an award!

Perhaps next time he’ll lock his doors.

If you thought that was clever, wait until you see number 6!

6. Another parking award recipient!

This guy should have unlocked his doors if he wanted the balloons.

7. Manners are of utmost importance…

When parking and when writing angry letters. Obviously, this note must have been found in England.

8. Taking passive aggressive to a whole new level.

And it’s safe to say this guy has definitely watched Office Space one too many times.

9. Ah, wishful thinking.

Maybe wish for some free driving lessons instead?

10. From a Carly Rae Jepson Fan.

Here’s hoping the driver gets the reference. Do you think he’ll call her, maybe?

More of a Simpsons fan than a Carly Rae Jepson Fan? Then you’ve definitely got to check out number 11!

11. No one messes with Jasper Beardly!

You know what you’ll get if you do! Hint: it involves a paddle.

12. This driver may suck at parking…

But whoever wrote that note totally sucks at poetry!

If you thought these note writers were angry, wait until you see what the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania did! The crazy mayor was so fed up with cars illegally parked in cycling zones, that he got himself an army tank and ran over an illegally parked Mercedes!

Check out the video below to see footage from the event:

13. Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

If so, then this note is potentially the most threatening of them all.

14. Wow, even Mickey Mouse gets angry sometimes.

Maybe Disney World isn’t the happiest place on Earth!

15. Well, wasn’t this guy thoughtful?

Oh crap, where do I hide!

This next one isn’t so much about bad parking as it is about two squirrels having sex…

16. The more you know.

Just a friendly neighborhood public service announcement.

17. Squirrels not your thing?

What about ferrets?

18. This one comes with a medical drawing!

Just in case the driver didn’t understand what a dick brain was.

19. No parking infraction here…

Just really hella creepy at night!

20. Even Spiderman doesn’t like double parking.

Next time he might not be so friendly and cover your car with spider webs!

There you have it – 20 bad drivers, and 20 people who are brutal with a pen and paper!

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