Superfan Recreates All The Traps From The Home Alone Movies And OUCH

Ahh, Home Alone. The heartwarming tale of a neglected boy left alone by his parents and forced to defend himself from burglars at Christmas. No matter how questionable the plot may be, it’s still one of the most beloved Christmas films of all time, and until The Hangover Part II came along, was also the most profitable live action comedy of all time.

Home Alone is now 26 years old, but its popularity shows no signs of stopping. It’s so popular, in fact, that it was the subject of one of YouTube channel Vsauce3’s latest videos, in which they recreated some of the most famous traps from the franchise.


Using a combination of science, DIY, and sheer luck, the team recreated the BBQ lighter door handle, paint can to the face, and crowbar to the chest traps featured in the movie. Using a slow motion camera and a human-sized rubber dummy, the Vsauce3 team attempted to figure out whether the traps would even work, and if they’d cause any lasting damage. Head over to the next page to discover what the results of their experiments.

Shockingly, the team at Vsauce3 discovered that if the traps featured in Home Alone had happened in reality, they would have caused the burglars a punctured heart and lungs, broken ribs and a smashed skull. Despite this harsh reality, in the film, the robbers appear to walk away without any of these injuries.

But then again, Home Alone is a film after all. No one wants to see a Home Alone: The Next Chapter featuring an ageing Macaulay Culkin locked up in a juvenile detention centre. Or maybe I’ve just stumbled upon the best idea ever…

Now, if you thought that video had exposed pretty much every plot issue in Home Alone, you can think again. That’s because the callous people of Twitter randomly decided that they were going to ruin your childhood by exposing every single plot hole in the Home Alone films.

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