10 Struggles People Who’ve Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time Will Understand

4. And you definitely don't want to grow to resent them

Perhaps being with them means you have to sacrifice that career opportunity or the fantastic college you wanted to attend 200 miles away - if you give up on these dreams/ambitions for them, you definitely don't want to find yourself a few years down the line, suffocating in the bitterness that it's clear you feel towards them.


5. You wish you could put them in a box for 10 years

Right, I'm off to do me for the next 10 years. You just stay there in that box - don't change or move an inch - I'll be right back.


6. You almost wish you could un-feel all of these emotions

As much as your taken aback by them being in your life and the totally intense feelings you have towards them, it would be so much easier for everyone involved if you'd never got to this point in the first place and it's kind of sad you feel that way.


7. You find yourself looking for/creating issues

Finding a fault in somebody makes it a hell of a lot easier to walk away so now your on the look-out for attributes to add to the 'cons' list. Knowing how annoyingly ideal this person seems to be, you won't find any so then you'll just start creating your own. It's tremendously difficult to walk away from somebody you adore so you try turning them into someone less adorable.



8. They deserve the best version of yourself

And you just can't give them that person right now. It's not fair to let them settle for this lesser version of you.


9. It's obvious you're at different stages in life

They're thinking about buying houses, having children, settling down 101. You're still keen on getting so pissed on a Friday night you wake up half naked in a different country.


10. The right and selfless thing to do is let them go

You respect them and ultimately, as hard as it may be for you, you care about them enough to let them walk away, knowing that somebody can give them all the things that you can't right now.


I'm sure many people will say "If you're having these worries, they were never the right person in the first place" - well, maybe or maybe you were never the right person for them. That's not really the point here - the point is, at the time it feels like they're all you'll ever want in the future and being bold enough to not cut your losses and stick with that is f*cking heartbreaking.

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