19 Savage Twitter Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Crafting a good Twitter joke is an artform in many ways. Using only the allotted 140 characters to set up a joke and land the punchline is no easy task, despite how many we come across every day. But something that is even funnier and far more satisfying is when someone quotes another tweet, making fun of the original statement and in some cases taking them to task for what they’ve said.  Once again, the internet has delivered a round of witty comebacks and hilarious responses for your reading pleasure.

1. You set yourself up for this

2. Not the best image

3. Facebook friends don’t count

4. Bartering for a good deal

5. Needs a little proof-reading

6. The perfect end to a day

7. Sibling rivalry

8. This is a criminal offence

9. What could have been

10. Agree to disagree

11. A fair question

12. He who shall not be named

13. A man can dream …

14. A little rude

15. Jordy asks the real questions

16. Parting ways

17. Life hacks

18. Some respect needed

19. My Saturday has just become free

If there is one thing we can always depend on, it’s for Twitter to bring the hilarious snark to distract us from our worries. Remember when Twitter roasted a man who wanted to reclaim the rainbow from gay people?

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