19 Reasons Plane Passengers Are Worst Human Beings You Will Ever Encounter

If you’ve ever been on a plane before – as most of us have – you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about when I say the passengers are the absolute worst! And the thing is, you just can’t escape them. You’re thousands of feet up in the air so it’s not like you can just get off at the next stop.

You’ll never find people more inconsiderate than you will on a flight. And I’m not just talking about those who take up way too much space or listen to their music at an unacceptable volume – it gets much worse than that.

Remember that video in which a couple who’d recently joined the mile-high club were caught redhanded? 

Want to find out how much worse? Well, then take a look at the following pictures taken on real-life flights, featuring some of the most despicable behavior ever seen on planes.

1. As if this is actually allowed

Why order the airline’s bacon sandwich when you can have the real thing glaring at you from a piece of hand luggage?

2. When you accidentally forget your knitting at home and have nothing to keep yourself occupied

But as much as we all appreciate well-groomed fingernails, is this really the time or the place?

3. Rapunzel, Rapunzel… who the f*ck told you to let down your hair?

She has literally crossed a line, and this guy isn’t standing for it.

Remember when this captain was forced to throw a racist passenger off his plane? 

4. Okay, so technically, this could happen anywhere

But why? Just why did it have to happen on a ten-hour flight? And why did I have to be sitting right across from them?

5. Jeez, some people just love getting undressed on public transport

And again, why, oh why did I have to be sat next to them?

6. Yeah, so someone actually did this…

I thought the extent of people expelling their own bodily fluids was limited to throwing up in paper bags. Apparently not…

7. How does anyone get away with this?!

And they say the customer is always right. Puh-lease…

8. Erm, Is this ever acceptable behavior? I think not

Someone needs a long hot bath and thorough scrubbing when they land…

9. I can’t tell which one’s worse

I don’t want to see a turkey anywhere aside from the dinner table at Thanksgiving. Please and thank you.

10. Seriously, who are these entitled douchebags?!

And how exactly were they brought up in a civilized society?

11. I mean, are we really going to say duct tape guy didn’t deserve it?

No one needs a rowdy passenger on a 12-hour flight when all you want is a bit of shut-eye.

12. Okay, who does this person think she is? I mean, seriously…

Listen, Little Red Riding Hood, I paid for a decent airline so I could watch some movies on my own personal screen.

13. She’s a kid! She should be out playing, having fun… not sat next to a giant, sweaty foot

What a traumatizing experience that must have been…

14. You never know who you’re going to sit next to on a plane…

It could be a nightmare passenger for all you know…

15. “Duuude, are you feeling the dreads?” “Oh, I’m feeling it…”

Why do I have to pay the price for your hippie life choices?!

16. I don’t care if you’ve had a fresh, new pedicure, feet are feet… nasty AF

Most decent people wouldn’t even do that to their worst enemy, let alone a complete stranger.

17. It’s an unspoken rule that zit squeezing should never be witnessed by anyone other than yourself (and perhaps your mom)

But this woman clearly didn’t get the memo…

18. I’m forced to use books for entertainment now? F*ck you

Why are flight passengers so damn inconsiderate?

19. Whoever said this was okay?

Why can’t people keep their stinky feet to themselves?

So there you have it: plenty of reasons to make your next vacation a road trip. Unless, of course, you want to be confronted with some of the worst human beings you’ll probably ever encounter.

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