19 Of The Funniest Lost And Found Signs Ever Made

When any devoted owner loses their pet, they will go to great lengths to find them again. Typically, people will put up signs in their neighborhood, featuring a picture of their pet and offering a reward if the animal is found.

Well, the following rebels have shown us their own take on the classic “lost and found” posters, and they are funny as hell.

1. It was always a bit of a drifter

Hopefully, one day it will be back where it belongs. But until that day, we salute you, Mr. Wisples.

2. If you don’t get the reference, shame on you

Unless, of course, you’ve been in a coma since 1982, then it’s perfectly reasonable.

3. There’s definitely a point to this

I didn’t want to include this one, nor did I want to leave it off, nor do I have anything of substance to say. I hope you are well.

4. This owner just wanted their neighborhood to know they don’t want their lost dog back

And who can blame them? Definitely not me.

5. It is as valid a sign as any other


6. You can’t argue with Prince 

Umm, something about protecting his hair from the purple rain…

7. I think I know what happened to their parrot

It’s as good a way to go as any…

8. He only bit on very special occasions

Unfortunately, he met a particularly nasty fate when killed, undeservingly so, by someone who didn’t appreciate his special bite. What a d*ck.


Why? Because he’s a beautiful motherf*cking dog, that’s why!

10. Flies may be an unconventional choice of pet…

But they have so much in common with man’s best friend – they’re hairy, they have more than two legs, and they’re not humans… just so much.

11. This guy’s clearly living in The Flintstones

But guys, what they if they really have come back after millions of years of extinction?

12. This is how you reason with a burglar

With a load of “f*ck yous”.

13. Imaginary friends need love and attention too 

Usually, they reside safe and soundly in their owners’ heads, but this one was a bit of a rebel.

14. What is your choice?

The person who made this is the very epitome of “way too much time on their hands”.

15. It has sentimental value after all

I hope someone did “the right thing”.

16. The worst kind of lost and found poster

The stuff of nightmares…

17. They very suspiciously didn’t include a photo of the colostomy bag

For that reason, I have come to the conclusion that the whole thing was fake.

18. The best way to get someone to dump you

19. It’s a cause for celebration

Congrats man, congrats.

Well, this just goes to show that you don’t need to have lost a pet to feel obliged to stick up a load of “lost and found” posters. Yep, it turns out that they’re the perfect way to show off your comedy chops, which the people on this list clearly have in spades.

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