19 Facebook Liars Who Got Savagely Called Out for Their BS

Nearly everyone has told a lie at some point in their lives.

Though sometimes innocuous and relatively harmless, liars can cause significant upset or damage to the subjects of their deceit in serious situations. On the whole, it would be fair to say that honesty is the best policy.

If you do insist on lying, though, perhaps the internet isn’t the best arena for your duplicity; there is nothing that web users love more than calling out liars online, typically to the hilarity of their online pals and the embarrassment of the deceitful party.

In truth, most Facebook lies are fairly harmless, which is not to say that the moment they get exposed are any less cringe-worthy and hilarious.

In tribute to such moments then, here are some times that Facebook liars got well and truly put in their place by their online contemporaries.

1. Yeah, not quite…

2. How did you think you were getting away with this one?

3. A genius at work

4. An altogether half baked lie

5. Utterly brutal

6. Small, insignificant details, really

7. So there

8. Excruciating

9. Not quite so generous then

10. When you’re in the lie too deep

11. Science has made a mockery of you  

12. Geography wasn’t his strongest subject

13. To put it bluntly

14. Not now, child

15. … Pastry is also beautiful

16. Most pointless lie ever?

17. Oh dear

18. Called. Out.

19. I can’t bare the cringe

It’s one thing to get caught out for lying, but quite another for that lie to be immortalised on Facebook for all the world to see. Let’s hope these would-be deceivers learned their lessons and moved on to a life of honesty.

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