19 Confessions Made By People Who Were Raised By Millionaires

I think it's fair to say that most of us fantasise about being millionaires. We all know that money doesn't buy you happiness, but it doesn't hurt. Knowing that you will never have to worry about the rent, bills, or whether you can afford to go away this year, sounds like paradise.

But things aren't always easy for those born into money. It wasn't their choice to be so privileged, yet any complaints they have are ones we are likely not going to be too sympathetic too. So when this stuff comes out, it has to be confessional. Whisper have collected some of these confessions, for all of us to see how the 1% lives.

1. Helping others

"My parents are millionaires. Sometimes I feel like in activist groups, my opinion won't be taken seriously because of my privilege."

2. Keeping it on the down low

"Just because I don't own a ton of designer clothes and jewellery, doesn't mean I don't have money. My parents are millionaires. I just choose not to flaunt it."

3. Money doesn't buy happiness

"My family is composed of millionaires. I have never met a more miserable group of people in my life."

4. Saving where you can

"People assume I'm poor cause I have two jobs and shop at thrift stores but what they don't know is my parents are millionaires."

5. Looking for escape

"My parents are millionaires. I can't wait to move away from the money."


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