18-Year-Old Girl Explains What It Is Like To Date Her Biological Father

From a very young age most young girls begin to plan their wedding day. Inspired by fairytales and Disney princesses, we fantasize about a magical day in which we will marry our young and handsome Prince Charming, and gallop off into the sunset on the back of his noble steed to live happily ever after.

For many, this dream comes true. But for others, it stays wildly out of reach. However, for one young girl, that dream was warped when her biological father became her one true love.

The anonymous 18-year-old girl, from the Great Lakes region of America, fell in love with her father when they reunited after a 12 year estrangement. Speaking to Science of Us for the New York Magazine, the girl explained how she was conceived on prom night when her parents were just 18-years-old.

“They were serious for about six months, but broke up while my mom was still pregnant with me. My dad wasn’t there when I was born. I think my mom’s psychological problems meant the relationship never really worked out.

She has bipolar disorder and some other mental health issues.”

Shortly after the girl was born, her mother suffered a mental breakdown.

Unable to cope with a two-year-old child, the girl was sent to live with her grandparents, which is where she began to see her father at the weekends. However, this stopped suddenly when she was five, after her controlling mother ended the meetings.

Barely able to recall the time she spent with her father, the girl can vaguely remember that he “spoilt her rotten” with Barbie Dolls and other toys. “It was a little girl’s dream,” she said. “We’d sit in the yard blowing bubbles together, and he took me to the zoo where he bought me a stuffed animal that I kept until I was 16.”

Throughout her childhood, the girl was exposed to many failed marriages of her mother’s. “My mom’s always picked the wrong guy out of the crowd and she’s had a couple of divorces,” she said, before going on to detail one of the marriages in which her mother’s “schizophrenic” husband “went crazy and tried to kill her.”

Over the years, her mother had two more children who were nine and 12 years younger than the girl. “I think of them as my brother and sister, and I also think of them as my babies because I helped raise them. ” But, despite the focus of her young siblings, the girl was craving a father figure.

It was this feeling that pushed her into the arms of her biological father…

One day, the girl had a Facebook friend request from a man, who she presumed was her grandfather. Then she realized it was her father, whom she had thought was dead after her mom had convinced her this was the case.

Her father told her that he’d been trying to contact her and had sent her multiple friendship requests, but she’d always declined. However, she explained that it was her mother who’d been blocking him from contacting her.

The pair messaged each other continually, only to discover that they had a lot of similarities. They both loved The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory, and both found comfort in drawing. A week after their first contact, he came to visit her.

The girl was overwhelmed by how “good-looking” her father was, but she quickly quelled these feelings. “I was like, ‘What the hell are you thinking? What is wrong with you?’ I saw him as my dad but then also part of me was like, ‘I’m meeting this guy who I have been talking to over the internet and really connecting with and I find him attractive.'”

After spending five days at her father’s house, she couldn’t control her true feelings any longer and began to feel sexually attracted to him. At the time, he was living with his girlfriend, but he still chose to sleep in the same room as her on her first night at his house.

By the third night, she fell asleep in his arms. Then on the fourth night, they cuddled. Waking the next morning, the girl found that they had been spooning each other all night. After this, the pair confessed their true feelings, in which her father also confided that he had had “morning wood” when he woke up beside her, and that “he had to fix it” so that she didn’t notice.

“That night we were play-wrestling in the room I was going to sleep in and I bit him. He was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top and after I bit him I could see goose bumps pop up from his toes to his shoulders.

Then he pinched my inner thigh and I got goose bumps.”

“We stopped and said that we didn’t know what was going on but admitted that we had strong feelings for each other. We discussed whether it was wrong and then we kissed. And then we made out, and then we made love for the first time.

That was when I lost my virginity.

“t lasted for about an hour and there was a lot of foreplay. We both had orgasms. We are so similar, so it’s so easy to sexually please each other. For example, we both love neck-biting. I’ve never been in a more passionate, loving, fulfilling situation.”

When asked if she felt “coerced” into having sex with him, the girl explained that she was not and that her father had ensured she was comfortable first, giving additional details, she explained:

“I’d heard that it would hurt so I was expecting pain, but we were both so careful with each other. I think it was also a good experience because most guys my age are only interested in having sex with you. I could tell that wasn’t the case with him.”

Immediately the pair moved out of the home that her father had shared with his girlfriend and instead, moved in with his ex-girlfriend who he’d dated for eight years. T

hey kept their relationship a secret to begin with, however it didn’t stay that way for long. “She found out when she heard us making love. I guess we didn’t realize how thin the bedroom floor was. She really didn’t mind. Now we’re like a little family. She calls me her daughter.”

Deeply in love, the two are now engaged. However, they are aware that their marriage cannot be legally bound due to the nature of their relationship.

“We’ll tell everybody that we got our marriage license, but they don’t have to see it,” explains the girl, who plans to wear a black dress for the special day. In the mean time they plan to move to New Jersey, where incest is legal.

They plan to keep their union a secret from her mother, who so far hasn’t suspected anything despite the fact that the two often call themselves “babe” in her presence by mistake.

Her mother has also not noticed the matching tattoos that the two have, one of which reads “I love my peanut butter”  and the other, which says: “I love my jelly.”

They also plan to have children together, but they will hide the fact that their father is also their grandfather, to prevent giving them “any problems”, which is something they will need to figure out, because “his mom and dad will want to spend time with the grandkids, so we will have to decide how everyone will be known.”

Are they worried about the genetic problems their children may face?

“Nope. I wouldn’t risk having a kid if I thought it would be harmful. I’ve done my research. Everybody thinks that kids born in incestuous relationships will definitely have genetic problems, but that’s not true. That happens when there’s years of inbreeding, like with the royal family. Incest has been around as long as humans have.”

Meanwhile, as a couple they are extremely happy. Sometimes the girl admits that she needs a father figure, so she will approach her dad and say “Hey, Dad, I need you”. Once she has said that, he knows that “he’s not going to be my fiancé or my boyfriend, but my father.”

Curious to learn more? Watch this video for the skin crawling details about their relationship. It is guaranteed to give you nightmares…

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