19 Photos That Are Prove The Human Race Has Gone Batsh*t Crazy

The modern world is a bizarre place. Almost all of the information in the world is available at our fingertips, and, generally speaking, us humans are thriving as a species. Thanks to medical developments, we also have the potential to live longer and healthier lives.

But sometimes living in a fast-paced world of plenty can have very bizarre and, quite frankly, absurd results. People have always been weird, but nowadays they have gone completely batsh** crazy, and there are always on cameras on hand to capture their absurdity.

Here are 19 photographs that prove that we are living in a truly absurd time…

1. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing

Actually, there is. You know your ice cream obsession has gone too far when you’re dressed like an ice cream buying ice cream from a giant ice cream cone.

2. Gravestones and memorial plaques are officially out

And flat screen memorial TVs are in. I wonder what this person’s family decided to play?!

3. Now that’s one way to prank the cops

Although, admittedly, I’m not sure the time it would take to make a car out of snow would be worth it.

4. Happy New Year!

Oh, wait. Someone in India’s New Year took longer to arrive than expected. Who knew that December 32nd was a thing?

While we are on the subject of the absurdity of the modern world, it’s worth noting that it’s resulted in some extremely bizarre facts too.

In the United States, you are statistically more likely to get bitten by another American than a rat. To put the scale of people biting each other into context, in 2012, there were more than 40,000 visits to emergency rooms across the US for human bite wounds.

Check out the video below to see 10 of the most absurd shopper ever spotted at Walmart!

5. “They stole my toilet… I’m not making this up. Still waiting for the police.”

Oh well, at least the person who stole the toilet didn’t leave a mess behind them. My money is on a plumber.

6. That’s a weird place to leave underwear and sandals

And pretty disgusting too. Some poor person is going to have to pick them up!

7. Where on Earth are you supposed to wash your hands?

This is a toilet no man would want to visit. Those are sinks, not urinals!

Gun control laws have become a particularly topical issue in recent years, with mass shootings taking place on an all too frequent basis. But not all gun crimes are deliberate. Horrifyingly, American toddlers now shooting at least one person a week. That’s absurd and scary.

8. Capitalism at its finest

Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.

9. “This restaurant Photoshopped toast onto their breakfast platter on their sign.”

If that bar can fork out $400 on a sign, this place could have at least made new breakfast signs. Cheapskates.

10. “There’s a butterfly in my ocean puzzle.”

This artist really needs to brush up on their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

11. “The underwater scene puzzle my kids got.”

This parent should probably ask for a refund.

Another absurd fact about the modern world is that people are more likely to enter professions that sound like their names. This was revealed in a 2002 study by a Gallup analyst. So if you’re a Dennis, you’re more likely to become a dentist, and if you’re a Laura, you’re more likely to become a lawyer.

12. “A photo of my grandmother who dries clothes.”

George Orwell really did predict the future when he wrote 1984.

13. Now that’s what I call some serious snowman making skills

Not everything about the modern world is absurd in a bad way.

14. “$275 required Spanish textbook is loose leaf paper wrapped in cellophane.”

This person should have probably got the eBook. It would have probably cost less.

15. “USPS bent my diploma. I have no words.”

You’d have thought the contents of this letter would have been obvious enough from the “DO NOT FOLD”.

We are surrounded by more media than ever before and that’s also resulted in some pretty absurd behavior. When the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey was published in 2011, it led to an increase in the number of recorded sex toy injuries. In fact, the number doubled!

16. “Your security force, openly soliciting work from private criminals.”

Because some cops clearly can’t be bothered doing their jobs and are brazen enough to make a sign like this.

17. That’s one way to go hands-free!

This pole don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun.

18. I’m surprised she made it onto the subway in that state

Full marks to this guy for continuing to read his book anyway.

19. Bent out of shape

Is there ever any need to do this to yourself?

In such a fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life. But when you stop to take a closer look at the bizarre goings-on that take place in it, I can guarantee that you’ll find something to smile about – even if it is a guy in an ice cream costume buying ice cream from a giant ice cream cone!

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